Living outside lockdown: Barbers, beauty shops still open

As much of the country has closed everything but food stores and medical facilities, many places down South remain open. Bars, sporting events and sit-down dining rooms are closed. But in many towns, employees of the local plant that closed for two weeks can still work out at the gym or get their nails done, […]

Architecture is an ideological battlefield. Will Trump ‘Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again’?

“To those rightist movements, the countryside has always [signified] something better than the cities; cities breed social problems, they are the places where you will find socialists, communists, and the countryside is this pastoral idyll that they actually embrace.”

South Sudan bans public transport to curb spread of COVID-19

South Sudan, which has no confirmed COVID-19 case, has already imposed several preventive measures such as a ban on social gatherings, cancellation of international flights and closure of all border crossings including Juba International Airport.

How to see the world when you’re stuck at home

What I find particularly seductive about Google Street View is that it purports to be an objective document of our world. It is simply the product of a driver (or hiker) going down a street taking pictures. But, of course, it is far from an objective document. Humans get in the way, as they always […]

Coronavirus restrictions have left many grey nomads with no place to stay, so farmers are helping out

“We got someone who had a wealth of experience with his welding and maintenance and was able to make stuff and fix stuff and help us out in ways we could have never afforded to get someone in town to do for us,” Ms Barry said.

Just how Alia celebrated her birthday

‘So this year my birthday wish is all tied up with good health! Have a wonderful day today and a healthy safe and at the same time productive year to come. Wish you all happiness my darling, you work so hard doing what you do.

UK’s coronavirus death toll leaps by 260 in a single day to hit 1,019: Britain suffers its worst day yet with huge spike in victims as more than 17,000 have now been infected

This means we are likely to continue to see further increases in the numbers of daily deaths until social distancing measures have their effect. ‘The deaths tomorrow and in the days ahead will be of people who were infected before the social distancing measures were implemented. 

Love Island star Megan Barton Hanson flashes underboob in steamy snap as she ‘charges £19 per picture’ upon return to X-rated subscription service OnlyFans

An insider revealed: ‘Megan and Chelcee were just as bad as each other. They were both sending messages to Teddy without the other one knowing. Demi was also thrown into the mix. She was sending texts to Teddy as well.

Why the Cotswolds has the X Factor

Those in the central region can explore the historic towns of Cirencester (the Roman capital of the Cotswolds), Painswick – often called queen of the Cotswolds – and Woodstock, home of Blenheim Palace. The south, meanwhile, is famous for the World Heritage City of Bath and ancient, untouched villages such as Lacock and Castle Combe.

Sophie Mackintosh on Narberth: ‘I remember a hand washing ashore on the beach’

And what a landscape, particularly the beaches. I love being in the open water, but not in an athletic way – I just like to splash. I spent days hiding in the sand dunes of Broad Haven South, or swimming at Amroth, eating ice-cream and catching shrimps in rock-pools. I based the landscape of The […]