Cheap robot vacuum deal offers bObsweep Pro for just $150 today only

For Android TV fans Xiaomi Mi TV Stick review: The perfect Fire TV Stick alternative With the Mi TV Stick, Xiaomi is rolling out a budget Android TV streaming solution that takes on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and the Chromecast. Featuring the same internal hardware as the 4K-enabled Mi Box S and a great remote, […]

Johnny Manziel Surfaces In Bev Hills After Medical Emergency

TMZ Sports broke the story … Manziel was hospitalized on May 7 in Humble, Texas. Johnny says he had a bad reaction to an increase dosage of medication for his bipolar disorder.

Offers a New Word for Injustice in America, Not a New Way of Thinking

Caste does not abandon racial terms. Wilkerson does not leave us to flounder with the labels she wants incorporated, though at times I wished she would. In a chapter called “The Intrusion of Caste in Everyday Life,” Wilkerson describes an interlude between “a white contractor,” “a white engineer,” and “a Black engineer,” “who happened to […]

Save $290 on this 15-inch HP touchscreen laptop for back-to-school

As we look toward the end of summer, no matter what’s happening in the world, there’s an inevitable reality: Going back to school. No matter what shape or form that takes this year, students will need laptops, which offer the best way to do schoolwork, or any work, on-the-go — even if you’re working from […]

What’s inside Perlow’s office? 15 years of working from home

The pandemic hasn’t done much to change my overall working habits, as I have been home-based for about 15 years now. That being said, my home office equipment has gone through quite a few iterations over the last decade or so. Here is what I have been using over the last two years, with some […]

Former Disney Channel star Ronni Hawk ‘arrested for domestic violence against boyfriend’

‘What I do know, is that being on this show has been one of the most special things in my life and I do not take it for granted. I learned to much from this show – about injustices that take place in this world and that being silent is just as bad as doing […]

My life inside with Charles Bronson – who protected wimpy killers, dished out hugs and had a Broadmoor stalker

“Charlie should be released. He has a lot of stuff he can give society now,” claims the former lag, who served around 20 years behind bars during his former life of crime and now lives with partner Daphne.

A Line-by-Line Analysis of the Hilarious ‘Case for Trump’

While establishing himself as the most accessible-to-the-media president in modern times, Trump has also stripped off the veneer of objectivity from the “fake news.” “Blue Bubble” journalists are the last to know the contempt in which they are held beyond the Acela corridor and outside Silicon Valley and Hollywood. They mistake their small audience share […]

Chicago-Area Leaders: Cancel U.S. History Classes

Adds as commemorative holidays January 15 (to be known as Humanitarian Day and observed as a day of respect for the principles of human and civil rights and to involve the use of the color white as a visual affirmation to practice these principles), April 4 (to be known as Victims of Violence Wholly Day […]

The Secrets to Furnishing a Smaller Home—From Someone Who’s Been There

Air out your clothes Closet space lacking? Clothing racks let you keep your seasonal items handy and stow off-season items out of the way of your living space (like in an attic, garage, or under the bed). Clothing racks can also work by a front door as a coat rack—and provide space for shoes and […]