Save on latest Apple iPad Pro, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 — starting at only $699

The iPad Pro also features a 128GB SSD for expansive storage while keeping the system working flawlessly and cutting file transfer times to mere milliseconds. If you’ll be capturing photos or videos, the tablet comes with Apple’s innovative (Ultra) Wide lenses for breathtaking seven- and 12-megapixel resolution images with the front and back cameras, respectively. […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 vs. Surface Book 3 13: Which 2-in-1 wins?

The Surface Book 3 is the better laptop, the Surface Pro 7 the superior tablet The Surface Pro 7 starts at $750 for a Core i3, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB SSD, and maxes out at $2,100 for a Core i7, 16GB of RAM, and a 1TB SSD. The Surface Book 3 is more […]

The best Surface Pro accessories you can buy right now

Surface Arc Mouse Even if you spend most of your time using the Surface Pro as an artistic tool, now and then you might need to use it as a standard laptop. That’s where the Surface Arc mouse comes in, as sometimes you just need a mouse to easily navigate browser tabs or all those […]

Microsoft Surface Book 3 review: Graphics unleashed

Because the chassis hasn’t changed in four years, the Surface Book 3 sticks to an older set of ports: Two USB-A, a full-sized SD card slot, the Surface Connect dock for power, and a USB-C port. The lack of Thunderbolt 3 is a glaring omission. Microsoft continues to avoid the high-powered, superfast port technology that […]

Microsoft doesn’t need to give Android fans good reasons for the Surface Duo’s existence

We should be a little concerned about some of the internal team arrangements, how the Movial transition likely slowed some of the development, but concerns are currently speculation. The recent move bringing that team under closer collaboration, and to loosely discuss development on Surface Duo 2, were the right moves to make. Timing is difficult. […]

5 Microsoft Surface deals you can’t afford to miss this 4th of July

Unlike the rest of the Surface Pro line family which comes equipped with an Intel processor, the Pro X model uses an ARM-based chipset that’s jointly made with Qualcomm. According to Microsoft, this chip can deliver performance that’s up to three times faster than the Surface Pro 6. Our review team put it to the […]

It’s time for a touchscreen iMac, and the iPad Pro proves it can be done

Now imagine that same technology built into an iMac. Instead of the current design, which uses a rigid arm to fix the body of the computer in place, Apple could take inspiration from the iPad Pro. With an enlarged version of the cantilever hinge, we would finally have an iMac whose height and position could […]

Best touchscreen laptops that support the digital pen (stylus) input

The HP Pavilion x360 comes with up to 10 hours of battery life and take on your day without worrying about charging your laptop time and again. It is power-packed with up to 12GB fast and high bandwidth of DDR4-2400 SDRAM that generate all the power that you need to pull off from multitasking between […]

The best iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Fire, Surface, and Pixel tablet deals for August 2020

And of course, since they’re tablets, the Fire devices also put a myriad of apps, games, and other software at your fingertips. Did we mention they’re cheap? The seven-inch Fire 7 starts at just $50, the eight-inch Fire HD 8 (with high-definition display) at $80, and the new Fire HD 10 at $150 — and […]

7 things I’ve learned from a year of using the iPad Pro

In fact, I often find myself accidentally trying to use my finger on my work laptop screen; that’s how natural touch-screen input is. I have trouble picturing a use case where a mouse would be more convenient than touch screens. Perhaps some of you reading this would prefer mouse support, and that’s great that Apple […]