Surrogacy isn’t about money. But the law must change to benefit women

However, despite the flexibility that has evolved, the current rules are problematic, for both parents and surrogates. Those going into a UK surrogacy arrangement are unclear about what is permissible, with the law seeming to require one thing but actually allowing something else. We have seen some cases where parents have misled the court, and […]

‘Having a child doesn’t fit into these women’s schedule’: is this the future of surrogacy?

Sahakian has a reputation for pushing boundaries, and he relishes it: it’s given him a notoriety that drives his business. In 2001, he helped the oldest woman on record in France, Jeanine Salomone, conceive using donor eggs and give birth at 62. A scandal erupted in France – where both surrogacy and artificial insemination of […]

The kindness of strangers: should surrogates get paid?

The first surrogacy went smoothly (Rothko, four), as did the second (Hiro, 15 months). Both surrogates were women who worked for Holden and wanted to help, and they all remain friends and colleagues. The only reason Holden wound up in Gamble’s office was that, although he is British by birth, neither he nor his partner […]