Usain Bolt saddened by athletics doping scandals before world championships

“I’m at my best, that’s all I can say. I’m in great form, I’m happy with where I’m at,” he said of his return to the Bird’s Nest stadium, where he shocked the world at the 2008 Olympics by winning gold in the 100m and 200m. “I’ve been running good, my start has come together […]

Ronan Keating and wife Storm welcomes a baby girl: find out her name!

Ronan and Storm have been married since August 2015, and welcomed their son together in April 2017. Last year, Australia-born Storm opened up about the possibility of having a second baby with her popstar husband. She told RSVP magazine: “It is certainly a possibility. It would be nice for Cooper to have a little brother […]

Ronan Keating and wife Storm welcome baby girl and confirm adorable name

Taking to Instagram on Sunday afternoon, the former Boyzone star posted a snap of Storm holding their little girl in her arms as she lay back in her hospital bed.

As Wall Street crashes and New York faces quarantine with more than 1,800 Americans dead… Will coronavirus kill bungling Donald Trump’s presidency?

Historically, presidential job approval increases when the nation is under threat – George W. Bush enjoyed a 35 per cent surge after 9/11. And Americans are loathe to change leaders in times of crisis – Franklin D. Roosevelt won a third term on the eve of the Second World War, while George W. Bush clinched […]

John Prine: The Grammys Catch Up to a Genius Songwriter (Again)

Up for inclusion in both the the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, Prine joked to CBS, “It took some of ’em 45 years to get the joke!” The punchline stuck, in any case: The Tree of Forgiveness, with its low-key arrangements and Prine’s scratchy voice foregrounded, […]

Trump sets goal to re-open US economy by Easter

Private companies are heating our call to produce metal equipment and supplies, because they know that we will not hesitate to invoke the DPA in order to get them to do what they have to do. It’s called leverage. You don’t have to you use it from the standpoint of actually, it’s been activated but […]

Barossa schools close early to limit travel, Marion Holiday Park set aside for coronavirus cases, regions plead for visitors to stay away at Easter

SA Health Chief Public Health Officer Associate Professor Dr Nicola Spurrier yesterday urged any members of the public who attended Calabria Barossa Valley winery on March 14, and a South-East restaurant and steakhouse on March 15, to monitor themselves after a Swiss tour group fell ill upon its return home.

HGTV Stars Send Messages of Gratitude to Frontline Workers from Home During Coronavirus Crisis

More than 15 of the network’s biggest names appear in a video message (above) premiering exclusively with PEOPLE. Each star takes a moment to thank those who are putting their lives at risk amid the pandemic, including healthcare workers, first responders and individuals who must continue to do their jobs because they are considered “essential […]

Star Trek Is Getting an Official Podcast Called Prime Directive

Each episode features an in-depth personal interview with a notable guest, coverage of a Star Trek event, or a discussion of a specific topic with one or more guests. Listeners will also be able to hear updates about new projects and take part in a regular quiz segment. Yo, Is This Racist? Newsome is a […]

‘Get out now’: Police tell locals to evacuate Ironbridge as River Severn rises to record high and puts barriers on brink bursting – while groundwater threatens to flood basements of London homes

‘They discussed having a database of where we know the tips are,’ Mrs Griffiths said. ‘We obviously know where those coal tips are and they’re monitored very, very closely. I think a single point of contact with the public was an area that they discussed.