Fury at plans to build wind turbines on graves of British First World War heroes

In a letter to the Western Front Association, Mr Gorczynski wrote: “With your support, I am convinced that we could warn the French authorities of the consequence of their inactivity regarding the WW1 archaeology which is fully absent during each wind turbine installation on the different battlefields.”

Inside world’s toughest prison where inmates can be killed fighting for mattress

“With British prisons, it’s all paperwork in an office. But in these places, they use real money, it’s not contraband and it’s how they survive – by buying or bartering.

Women-only carriages around the world: do they work?

Japan has been accused of “institutionalised inequality” in its workplaces. There is an unofficial ban on female sushi chefs “because women menstruate”. And on average women take home 70% of men’s pay for the same job. More than two-thirds leave permanent employment after having children. Married working women are sometimes demonised as oniyome, or “devil […]

Ex-para helped make World War I film 1917 ‘most authentic war movie ever’

“He said it was the most authentic war film he’s seen. I’ve also had emails from ­soldiers saying well done.” Paul started by hiring real ex-servicemen as actors and taught others the most important lessons of combat and how to survive it.

Poignant First World War love letters hero sent fiancee before dying in battle

Florence Turner met Captain William James met in 1915 while he was in a military hospital and they agreed to marry. After returning to action he told Florence: “Things are going really well. We are having the time of our lives.”

Arab world’s first nuclear plant achieves criticality

“This is a historic milestone for the nation with a vision set to deliver a new form of clean energy for the nation,” he tweeted in English, along with a photograph of technicians raising their arms in celebration.

Utopia Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be in New ‘Brave New World’ Trailer

The show stars Alden Ehrenreich as John the Savage, the young man taken from the Savage Land to live in the utopia that is New London by two of its denizens, Lenina Crowne (played by Jessica Brown Findlay) and Bernard Marx (Harry Lloyd). The new trailer finds John trying to navigate his impossibly pristine surroundings, […]

England will be at the heart of a special World Cup, says Vaughan

“I feel for Willey, he hasn’t really let England down, but it’s the nature of international sport that you have to be ruthless,” Vaughan said. “You have to pick who you feel is the right 15 and I feel they’ve got it right.”

New Interpretation of Maya Calendar Suggests the World Will End on 21 June

A new interpretation of the Mayan calendar has been circulating now and, according to the re-imagined scenario, the world will now end on 21 June (if we go by the Julian calendar). The UK media bastion The Sun attributes this claim to scientist and Fulbright scholar Paolo Tagaloguin, who tweeted: “Following the Julian Calendar, we […]

Staging T20 World Cup unrealistic amid COVID-19 pandemic: Cricket Australia Chairman

The fate of the event, scheduled to be held in October and November, is shrouded in uncertainty as several countries continue to have in place strict travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has infected over 8.1 million people across the globe.