Radio 1’s playlist secrets uncovered: the battle of the ‘brands’

It’s faintly depressing to hear bands referred to as “brands” with their worth determined by online data. Stats is business talk. It isn’t creative, it isn’t art, it’s box-ticking. It’s playing people the kind of music that they’re already listening to. Harding says, though, that there are exceptions to this rule. “There have been moments […]

Hunt for missing woman becomes murder probe as police arrest four suspected of killing 32-year-old ‘after someone used her mobile phone too make it look like she was still alive’

The social media of Lorraine Cox may also have been altered as Facebook stated she had moved to Plymouth, Devon, from her home 45 miles away in Exeter on September 2 – two days after she was last seen.  

English spelling campaigners enlist the help of Hamlet

Minor changes have included the removal of some extra letters – for example, the word “music” was once written “musick”. In North America some words – for example, “color” – are written differently from their English equivalents – although, as the society points out, it’s actually pronounced “culur” on both sides of the Atlantic.

Send us a tip on your best nature discovery this summer to win a £200 holiday voucher

One of the few beneficial side-effects of the pandemic is that many of us have been taking more notice of the wildlife on our doorsteps, from raptors and waders to hedgehogs and even orcas. Animals became emboldened as sites usually busy with visitors stayed closed for much of the year – stoats, weasels and badgers […]

Woman, 32, who has spent £30,000 on IVF, suffered four miscarriages and lost twins who were born prematurely reveals she’s not giving up hope of becoming a mother despite her 12-year struggle

‘We’ve had lots of support from social media groups and chatted to people who have had losses as we have, as well as to people who it has worked out for. Baby charities like Tommy’s, SANDS, and SiMBA, which makes memory boxes, have also been really supportive.’

Does COVID-19 spell curtains for the office?

“In the short term, social distancing means that we actually need more space per person in offices. And in the long term, there will still be a demand for office and meeting space as there are some interactions that are better in person. This may provide opportunities for flexible office and meeting space providers at […]