West Indies begin quarantine period in New Zealand after 54-hour journey

Grave also confirmed that players and support staff will continue to receive 50% of their salaries, as has been the case since July, though match fees will be paid in full. The backroom staff on the tour are largely similar to the group that travelled to England, with Monty Desai, Andre Coley and Trevor Penney […]

‘No predators, plenty to eat’: New Zealand struggles with plague of peacocks

But as the numbers of their natural predators such as possums, ferrets, stoats and rats drop due to nationwide control efforts, peacocks are becoming increasingly destructive. Many local farmers have also unwittingly planted feasts for peacocks; seeding fields of maize, corn and clover which is beloved by the animals.

New Zealand votes to legalize euthanasia but not marijuana

“We have said from the outset that this would always come down to voter turnout. We’ve had record numbers of special votes, so I remain optimistic,” she said. “New Zealand has had a really mature and ever-evolving conversation about drug laws in this country and we’ve come really far in the last three years.”

Man of the people: New Zealand MP Gaurav Sharma

Sharma retains a strong connection with Himachal Pradesh, saying he still speaks Pahari with school friends and misses the dham or traditional vegetarian meals prepared on festive occasions. “During my last trip to Mumbai, I ate 24 gol gappas, but that was half my record of 52 on another occasion,” he says.

India likely to back New Zealand’s Greg Barclay for ICC chairman’s post

“The BCCI is more aligned with New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and those who matter in Indian cricket board find Barclay as a more suitable candidate for the post. Also Khwaja’s policy positioning isn’t exactly in favour of Indian cricket,” a senior official, privy to developments in ICC board, told PTI on conditions of anonymity.

Interview: Government brand to support New Zealand exporting companies in CIIE

“I think there are many advantages for the companies participating in the New Zealand national pavilion, because they can become part of the New Zealand government brand. It’s also helpful for the consumers and buyers, because they know that the companies that are part of the national pavilion have a good reputation,” said Acheson.

Asia the key playmaker in New Zealand’s economic future post-Covid

Last week, the Asia New Zealand Foundation brought together its New Zealand Honorary Advisers, eminent New Zealanders from a range of sectors who have connections to Asia. Top of mind were concerns about New Zealand being left behind as Asia increasingly learns to live with Covid, and the weakening of personal relations – which are […]

Ardern Tipped to Win Second Term in New Zealand Election

When the leader of the conservative National Party, Judith Collins, was the police minister in a previous government, she supported a policy to crush the cars of repeat traffic offenders. She has clashed with Ardern during the campaign, calling the prime minister a “liar “over testing protocols for COVID-19 at New Zealand’s closed international borders.

New Zealand-Vietnam Parliamentarians’ Friendship Group established

Speaking at the meeting, Ambassador Hau lauded the overdue establishment of the group on July 18 and stated that the Vietnamese Embassy is ready to get to work on developing the relationship between New Zealand and Vietnam.

New Zealand Eases COVID-19 Restrictions

“We know that the more our economy can be open with low or no levels of the virus the better our long-term economic picture,” she said.  “Our good case numbers and confidence in the management of the virus means we can proceed with the decisions we indicated would take place a week ago.   For […]