‘Tyranny Over History And Public Memory’: A Historian Explains The Impact Of Mob Destruction Of Statues

“Puritanism has a dangerous tendency to eventually eat its own. Do I like Washington’s slaveholding? No. Do I want to purge society of his influence and legacy? Also no. If  statues with Confederate ties were taken down because of their identification with a cause a majority of US citizens considered rightly or wrongly as treasonous, […]

Runa Mackay obituary

After retirement in 1985, Runa went back to Edinburgh University to take a degree in Arabic and Islamic studies, graduating in 1990. In her holidays she started working for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) including in refugee camps in Lebanon, especially Qasmiyeh camp, and in a small children’s hospital in Hebron.

The UK’s exam results farce only deepens the inequality between private and state pupils

There is a political complacency to all this, an assumption that parents and students will simply weather it. And so here we are: a fortnight ago in Scotland, students from richer areas saw their predicted grades, if they were A to C, reduced by seven percentage point; in the poorer areas, 15. This, apparently, was […]

French city tells shoppers: wear masks outside or pay fine

LILLE, France (Reuters) – French Prime Minister Jean Castex urged people not to let down their guard in the fight against COVID-19 on Monday, the day one of France’s biggest cities ordered people to wear masks outdoors in busy pedestrian streets.

Why History matters: Need for the reinstatement of its study in Nigerian schools

These positions were not mere aspirations but realities that were inculcated into all history students at the University. It is that defining philosophy and approach to historical study that set the products of the Ahmadu Bello University apart from their counterparts elsewhere. It is this same guiding principle that made them amenable to become deeply […]

Witch hunts: A global problem in the 21st century

Africa’s exiled ‘witches’ Invisible The women build their huts and plant the surrounding fields. In the dry season, they go to the market and collect grain that has fallen to the ground, which no one else wants. They are thinner and poorer than other market-goers and no one pays any attention to them. Essentially, the […]

‘Monumental temple complex’ dating back to Iron Age discovered, researchers confirm

The research suggests that Navan Fort was of great importance religiously. Navan Fort, located in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, is “one of Ireland’s most famous and important archaeological sites, the legendary Emain Macha,” according to an Armagh travel website. LiveScience notes it was the capital of Ulster in pre-Christian Ireland, LiveScience reported.

The whys of death by suicide

It is not surprising that the unfortunate death by suicide of a young actor has stirred the nation, and with good reason. Sadly, the haranguing of disconcerted individuals on television and ugly exchanges on social media have evoked strong reactions in some of us who live and work with persons with experiences of distress and […]

John Leguizamo’s Journey to ‘Bloodline,’ His Favorite Show About ‘Crazy White People’

“I don’t want to pigeonhole him as a criminal,” Leguizamo says, describing Ozzy. “But a lot of people who go on the wrong side of the law are super intelligent but don’t have the moral backbone. They can’t survive watching other people get things they felt like they deserved. They want the American dream. They […]

The elevation Church’s quintessential response to a Pandemic

Godman Akinlabi, the Lead Pastor of the TEC stressed that one of the central principles of the church is to better lives of individuals both from a spiritual and physical standpoint. In a recent media statement highlighting its humanitarian deeds during the pandemic, Akinlabi stated: “From our E200 programme designed to support the most financially […]