Taiwan artisans fuse reality and fantasy in miniature worlds

“I like to try to make anything, whether it’s clean, old or dirty, to let my imagination run wild,” he told AFP. His creations range from a replica of a 40-year-old grocery store in central Taiwan that caught his eye, to an imaginary “secret maintenance base” for a legion of Minions made from a discarded […]

Eyeing China, Taiwan urges alliance against ‘aggressive actions’

“The rapid militarisation of the South China Sea, increasing and frequent grey-zone tactics in the Taiwan Strait and East China Sea, coercive diplomacy used against countries and corporations…are all destabilising the Indo-Pacific region,” Tsai said, without directly naming China.

VIRUS DIARY: One midnight moment in Taiwan’s virus battle

I had arrived in Taiwan to start my new job, but with the stress of moving, I’d come down with a cold. Unfortunately, I still had a cough by the time I flew to Taiwan. As a result, I was taken upon arrival to the quarantine center rather than the quarantine hotel I’d booked.

Chinese fighter jets buzz Taiwan for a second day as tensions rise

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Chinese fighter jets approached Taiwan on Thursday for a second day in a row, the island’s defence ministry said, urging China to stop “destroying regional peace” in a further ratcheting up of tension across the sensitive Taiwan Strait.

VIRUS DIARY: One midnight moment in Taiwan’s virus battle

My experience, while jarring, was understandable to me. Many nations, my own United States included, have seemingly moved away from stringent efforts against COVID-19. The pandemic is still raging in many places, still killing people and leaving others with long-term health effects. The road ahead is long and uncertain.

Taiwan reports multiple Chinese fighters to its southwest

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen warned last month that the risk of accidental conflict was rising because of tension in the South China Sea and around Taiwan and communication must be maintained to reduce the risk of miscalculation.

China Will Reportedly Sanction Senior US Officials Who Visit Taiwan

In early August, China objected to the planned visit by US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar to Taiwan but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded by saying that “cabinet members have travelled to Taiwan previously”, adding that this visit did not run counter to the previous policy.

China has spent 2020 losing friends. But Brussels can’t afford to make an enemy of world’s next hyperpower

The EU diplomat, to some extent, agrees: “At the moment there is little to no unity on what type of relationship we ultimately want with China, so our priority needs to be building bridges between member states so we are able to act as one.” They also point out the difficulties of having Germany and […]

The Reality Rumble: What’s the Greatest Reality-TV Season Ever?

When planning our previous brackets, we spent hours arguing what year to make the cutoff for eligible shows, as both genres had been TV staples since its earliest days. However, reality TV is a relatively recent phenomenon: Yes, The Real World (and its itinerant sibling, Road Rules) has been around since the early ‘90s, but […]

Inside mind of ‘world’s worst serial killer’ dubbed ‘The Beast’ who butchered 400 kids

Garavito only accepts food and drink from a few guards that he trusts because he fears being poisoned, and he rarely agrees to leave his cell. It is said he spends his time making earrings and necklaces, and is relaxed and chatty with guards.