Japan Ink: Growing tribe proudly defies tattoo taboo, hopes for Olympian boost

Banned from spas, hot spring resorts, some beaches and many gyms and pools, the enthusiasts hope the presence of tattooed foreign athletes at last year’s Rugby World Cup and next year’s Tokyo Olympic Games – postponed a year due to the coronavirus pandemic – will help sweep away suspicion.

Japan PM Suga sets 2050 deadline for carbon neutrality

“We will bring the total amount of greenhouse gas (emitted by Japan) to net zero by 2050, meaning carbon neutral,” Suga said in his first policy address to parliament since taking office. “I declare we will aim to realise a decarbonised society,” he added, to applause from Diet members.

Epic to pull Fortnite: Save the World from Mac over ‘App Store Tax’ dispute with Apple

Epic added that Fortnite: Battle Royale will remain playable on macOS for now since it does not have any updates slated that will cause problems. However, keep in mind, Fortnite BR still can not receive any bug fixes for Mac, and a future update to other platforms may render the game unplayable at some point.

How the spirit of the F1 tyre war lives on in Japan

Bridgestone’s numerical superiority of course helps, as it supplies nine cars out of the 15 GT500 runners, but the fact it supplies all three manufacturers in the class also puts it at a major advantage. Michelin’s fortunes by contrast are tied up with those of Nissan, which itself hasn’t done too much winning in the […]

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut reignites war with ‘nepotism kids’

“This is the truth of film industry, this is what happens to small town strugglers who don’t have connections and proper channels, nepotism kids might defend themselves as much they want but how many of them have been stabbed, raped and killed?” tweeted Kangana on Tuesday.

Lyon Bomb Blast Causes Multiple Injuries and Has Prosecutors Investigating Terrorism

If confirmed, this would mark the second terrorism incident France has experienced this year, among a spree of incidents that have occurred over the past several years. In March, a prisoner stabbed two guards at a high-security facility. The attack was later described as a terrorist incident.

Imagine: Reflections on Peace – photo essay

“Memorials litter parks and hilltops. Conversations turn to politics and at a moment’s notice back to the war. The political parties remain the same as those that brought the conflict to fruition. There is no agreed-upon history of the war taught in schools. Children learn old grievances from their parents, ensuring that for many the […]

Russia and China Are Biggest Threats to U.K., New MI5 Intelligence Boss Says

“Much of what we do needs to remain invisible, but what we are doesn’t. In fact, opening up in the right ways is key to our future success. Our increasingly diverse people, our partnerships in all sorts of places, and advances in technology give us reason to be confident. You will know when we’re succeeding—as […]

Singapore Medical Benefit Trend Growth to Drop in 2021: Aon Survey

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 29 October, 2020 –  Aon plc (NYSE: AON), a leading global professional services firm providing a broad range of risk, retirement and health solutions, today announced that a nationwide decrease in medical plan utilisations due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is likely to decrease medical trend rates in Singapore […]

Prudential provides SMEs access to Stash’s tailored incentive payment platform for employees

Mr Dennis Ng, Chief Revenue Officer, SME Ecosystem/ Enterprise Business, Pulse Ecosystems Pte Ltd, part of Prudential plc, said, “As a leading life insurer in Asia, Prudential is committed to supporting the growth of SMEs, which account for 40 per cent of the output of the region’s economies. Yet, many SMEs lack the spending power […]