Malin Andersson reflects on late baby daughter heartache and grief struggles one year on

The reality TV star then shared how she used her time in the one year since the pregnancy photo was taken and admits that she didn’t want to “exist anymore” as she described the pain as lasting a “life time.”

Jessica Simpson goes makeup-free, takes out hair extensions

Simpson’s health journey has her feeling like she did before she had kids. ”[She’s] in control of everything and such a great attitude of not beating herself up if she doesn’t eat perfectly everyday so it’s a very helpful perspective,” Pasternak said.

‘I was looking for anything that might be able to help’: Kate Garraway wanted to donate her blood plasma to husband Derek Draper after she recovered from COVID-19

The machines work by blowing air into the lungs through a tube inserted directly down the throat and into the airways. The pressure of the air being forced into the lungs can tear and split the delicate tissue inside the lungs and leave them permanently damaged. This is a trade-off: the machines are usually a […]

The Last of Us 2’s best moments are its quiet ones

Marketed as a game about hate, there is a lot of love to be found in The Last of Us 2. The sequences I found to be most effective are the ones where the characters are carving out some reflective, quiet time. One memorable section that left an impression takes place near the beginning of […]

New FDA Limits On Arsenic Levels In Infant Rice Cereals Don’t Adequately Protect Children, Critics Say

“In setting this limit, the agency did not consider IQ loss or other forms of neurological impact, allowed cancer risks far outside of protective limits, and failed to account for children who have unusually high exposures to arsenic in rice,” the Healthy Babies Bright Futures statement said.

EastEnders Keanu actor Danny Walters reveals he weighed 16st as a child and was warned he’d die of a heart attack

The Italian judge may not be able to sit on the panel this year as the pandemic restricts him from flying back and forth from the US to judge Dancing With The Stars.

‘Natural’ and other food labels that sound legitimate but may not be

The promise of ancient grains, on bread bags and cereal boxes, may sound like music to the ears of processed-food-wary consumers. It is true that this group of foods, including quinoa, amaranth and spelt, has been changed little from the days that the Paleo Diet was how humans were said to have eaten. However, that […]

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Production Designer Elisabeth Williams Shapes A Desecrated Washington D.C. For Season 3

As dictated by the script for Episode 6, the obelisk that is the Washington Monument would be transformed into a cross. The Lincoln Memorial, meanwhile, would have Abraham Lincoln’s giant marble head and hands cut off. To Williams, the symbolism here couldn’t have been more clear. “[The Lincoln Memorial] is representative of the civil rights […]

Peter Baldwin: Type 1 diabetes awareness pledge after boy’s death

‘A simple test could have saved my son’ Diabetes test backed after boy’s death Stopping type 1 diabetes from birth Since then Mrs Baldwin has been campaigning for questions about the “4 Ts” symptoms – Toilet, Thirsty, Tired and Thinner – to be routinely asked when unwell children and young people see a GP or […]

Pregnant Katherine Schwarzenegger cuts a casual figure in leggings as enjoys a walk with mom Maria Shriver in Brentwood

Katherine and Chris began dating in April 2018 after Maria reportedly played matchmaker; they were first spotted together in mid-June 2018 while on a picnic in Santa Barbara.