Incredible moment 80-year-old hiker who was missing for four days turns up at press conference where family who feared he was dead were making desperate appeal to find him

Speaking by a roaring fire today, Mr Harvey, who worked at a Wallsend shipyard, told a press conference he had ‘three grand days’ camping out on the mist-shrouded moors and insisted that he had been in no danger. He had set off to walk through Swaledale with a friend but they became separated in a […]

80-Year-Old Street Vendor in Taiwan Earns Spot on Highbrow Michelin List

Taiwan has hung on to the thriving street-food culture that immigrants from Fujian province in China brought with them in the early 18th century. Seven other street stalls now boast Bib Gourmand status, including three other new additions: Chang Hong Noodles in the Huaxi market, Chen Tung Medicine Stewed Spare Ribs on Raohe Street, and […]

Missing 80-year-old hiker turns up at police press conference about his disappearance

Harvey, who became separated from a friend during his walk, said: “I had three grand days of wild camping. I never felt scared, I had all the right kit, all the right training and I knew what to do.

80-Year-Old Runs Virtual Boston Marathon

Other runners tried to make their virtual Boston Marathon experiences worth it as well. John Beiers, 60, of San Carlos, California, ran a virtual race in 90-degree heat with his family by his side. His finishing time was 4 hours, 27 minutes, and 40 seconds, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

Sandra Sallin, the 79-year-old beauty influencer who is setting new goals

In a more recent, albeit fun video, Sallin talks about how she needs makeup badly lest she should scare her neighbours away and then goes on to apply foundation and blend it in. She says, “I said I didn’t want to scare my neighbors, well these days I scare myself. I’ve gained weight, my hair […]

Kym Herjavec shares video of her husband Robert playfully trying dog commands on their two-year-old twins

Robert is the founder and CEO of cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, and for the past decade, has been investing in a number of innovative companies that have appeared on the US version of Shark Tank. 

Eight-year-old boy, 4ft 6in, who is ‘not a natural reader’ and ‘struggles to sit still’ achieves his goal of reading his height in books in under a year

Proud Elijah next to the books he read in just under a year. Elijah is now a literature-enthusiast who loves the books of author and Britain’s Got Talent host David Walliams 

71-year-old jeweler hammers out a living in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

Today, Hang Bac (silver) is one of the remaining streets still true to its name. Despite being only 300 meters long, the street boasts over a hundred jewelry shops and hole-in-the-wall’s of different sizes. Here, visitors could also learn more about the history of goldsmiths and jewelry craftsmen at Kim Ngan communal house at 42 […]

This 4-year-old raised $12,000 for hungry Americans by recreating classic movie scenes with her dad

“March and April were really chaotic, total lock down to the point where we couldn’t even see our neighbors,” Presser, 37, told CNN. “It felt like there were 72 hours in every day, so we just wanted to find fun things to do with the kids. Madison happened to be dressed up [like an animal] […]

Lost German warship discovered on seabed 80 years after sinking

In a book published the same year as the Nazi invasion, German Rear Admiral Otto Schenk wrote of dense fog at the time. He described how the boat came under fire as it entered a fjord near Kristiansand, before later being hit by a British torpedo. It was then sunk by order from the German […]