Is Ariana Grande’s Most Theatrically Horny Album Yet

This song, the title of which Ariana helpfully explains “means I wanna 69 with ya, no shit,” is not so much horny as it is an explicit sexual manual complete with graphic diagrams. “You might think I’m crazy / The way I’ve been craving / If I put it quite plainly / Just give me […]

Indie Troubadour Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Talks Merle Haggard Tribute Album

Oldham, a veteran singer/songwriter who works in a space abutting country, folk and rock, has been releasing albums on the Chicago indie label Drag City since the 1990s, and on May 5th, he is putting out a Haggard tribute LP, Best Troubador. There’s a radical idea behind the record, a notion at odds with the […]

At Work with LVRN, the Hit-Making Music Collective Driven by a Love of Love

What were the biggest hurdles that you faced during your rise?TB: The down times. There are always ups and downs, but when you hit the down times early on, it’s just like, “Damn, is this shit really going to work?” You believe in yourself but, sometimes, the success just seems so far away. You wonder, […]

Kanye West and His Manager Will Submit Official Demands to Labels ‘Really Soon’

-EQUITY & BLANKET LICENSES ARE THE MAJORITY OF FUTURE NEW INCOME. If you’re with a major you have invested your ‘songs’ as shares in their power to get equity and deals. Almost ALL new deals now are based on ALL songs going to a store or app. The equity is the Artists… NO MORE blanket […]

Kanye West’s Record Deal Is Standard. That Doesn’t Mean the Record Industry Is Fair

While Anokute points the barrel primarily at the labels dishing out deals — arguing that these deals perpetuate the very inequalities for black artists that the labels have said they’re looking to change — he acknowledges that labels alone can’t take all the blame for unfriendly artist deals. Labels are taking risks on any given […]

At Work With Wendy Ong, President of the Management Team Behind Dua Lipa and Ellie Goulding

Beyond even the quantity of apps, there are things you just can’t control. Right after the Grammys, there was that “Dua Lipa is canceled” thing.Oh my god. Yes, that was insane. Like what was that even about? She was having a good time. But most of these people, fortunately, aren’t crazy assholes. But it’s so […]

‘GHGHGH,’ ‘Legend,’ ‘Obsessed:’ Inside Major Labels’ TikTok Vocab List

The glossary was provided by Tim Collins, a 25-year-old Swedish marketing aficionado and co-founder of Creed Media, which works with Epic to promote the label’s artists on TikTok and other platforms. Collins and members of his team collect popular terms from their daily adventures on social media. “He’s like, ‘hey guys, you need to use […]

25 Times Adele Made Us Cackle to Death Ahead of Her

Saturday Night Live turned heads when it announced that Adele would return to the late-night variety program for a third time this weekend — not as musical guest, but as host. (Don’t think we’ve forgotten about that album!) It’s not often that SNL trusts musicians with hosting duties — about two dozen times over the […]

‘Good Steely Dan Takes’: A Chat With the Man Behind the Funniest Rock Fan Account on Twitter

These tweets and others tap into a strange current of Steely Dan–oriented humor that’s been building steadily during the past five years or so. Constant namechecks from John Mulaney, reaching their apex during a hilarious segment of Oh, Hello on Broadway that even features a spot-on Steely Dan parody song; absurdly specific memes from the […]

How Linkin Park Helped Suburban Teenagers Feel Their Feelings

Of course none of this mattered, because the audience was eating up the music. By 2000, the scene was exploding and nu metal was a verifiable force on the radio, filling the heads of teenagers. MTV was playing Limp Bizkit as often as they did Britney Spears, while Hot Topic advertised Slipknot T-shirts in every […]