Kool & the Gang Talk Songwriters Hall of Fame, Reunion With James ‘JT’ Taylor After 25 Years

George Brown: The word urban has always been the popular area in the city, but it’s actually changed definition in our culture because it used to mean the black diaspora in a sense, and urban means now all the music that comes out of the industry. From Bruno Mars to Kool & the Gang, that’s […]

Ryley Walker Explains Why He Covered an Entire Dave Matthews Band Album

The Dave Matthews Band version of the songs that made up the Lillywhite Sessions were never released in their original form, though they did officially (and, uh, unofficially) find their way to release over the years, but even without their scarcity, the songs occupy a special place in the hearts and minds of DMB heads. […]

David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’: Film Review | TIFF 2020

Spike Lee captures a performance from the smash Broadway run of this exhilarating hymn to community and connection from the former Talking Heads frontman and his multicultural troupe. Despite the countless technological innovations in the 36 years since the release of Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense, that iconoclastic time capsule of a 1983 Talking Heads […]

T.I. on

You have features from Pink, R. Kelly, and OutKast’s Andre 3000 on the album. Andre 3000 is a notorious recluse, save for his Gillette commercials. How did you coax him out of hiding?  King so it was just a matter of him hearing something from me that inspired him and excited something inside of him […]

Toronto Film Festival: Spike Lee concert documentary opens scaled-back event

Polanski has been wanted in the US for the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl since the 1970s and has since faced other accusations of sexual assault. His lawyers have “firmly denied” the accusations.

Q&A: David Byrne on his festival hit ‘American Utopia’

Byrne: The film is going to be in the New York Film Festival and at drive-in screenings. That’s like a little baby step towards getting us back together. We’re actually, like, in eyesight of one another. We’ll be in cars. Instead of applauding, people will honk their horns. It’s a step. We’ll at least feel […]

The Boys season 2 episode 4 recap: the best episode yet

Becca meets Butcher but Ryan isn’t with her. She says she’s not leaving because Butcher doesn’t really want the boy to go with them – she suspects he’ll find a way to get rid of the kid. When he says they’re not going to let a billion-dollar piece of Vought property get away, she says […]

Q&A: David Byrne on his festival hit ‘American Utopia’

The film was shot during the late 2019-early 2020 run of Byrne’s acclaimed Broadway show at New York’s Hudson Theatre. In it, Byrne deconstructs the traditional rock concert, sketching a narrative through his songbook from familiar Talking Heads classics up to his 2018 solo album of the same name. With 11 other musicians, all of […]

Criminal Records: Singer creates label for jailhouse Scots

“I started thinking about some of the rap stuff in the US,” he adds. “Tupac, when he was signed by Death Row and Suge Knight, he was in jail. They posted his bail and I think the next day, when he got out of prison, he recorded All Eyez on Me which is a diamond-selling […]

Michael Cohen Says Sorry. (And That His Ex Boss Is an Asshole)

There is a theory that Trump employs or appoints people above their station to make them forever in his debt, who are just happy to have a dream of a lifetime job. I wonder if that’s partially how you got seduced? Was it just the intoxication of being that close to vast power and influence?I […]