TALK TIME: I am speaking, she said. But is anyone listening?

I am not a fan of Kamala Harris, but even her most ardent admirer agrees that her debate with Mike Pence was a damp squib, when it should have sparkled and sizzled. Despite her insipid performance, it was the stupendous impact of that one powerpacked line — “I am speaking!” — which will go down […]

He’s About To Be The First Openly Gay Black Member Of Congress — And He’s Talking About Mental Health Like Few Politicians Ever Have

“We’re gonna move legislation in 2021, like, laws are going to be passed. And if progressives want a seat at the table, you’re going to have to have really specific policy domain knowledge and be able to pick strategic fights,” McElwee said. “There is a necessity to have sort of ideological folks who call us […]

Seth Meyers: Trump Sounds Like Doctor With ‘Massive Head Wound’

“Now a lot can still happen before the election, and polls can be wrong—as we’ve learned before,” the Late Night host said. But as of now, Joe Biden is maintaining his massive lead over Trump in the national and swing state polls. “The Trump campaign knows they can’t campaign against Joe Biden,” he added, “so […]

Margaret Brennan On First Presidential Debate: ‘I Would Love Our Country To Have A Serious Conversation About Where We Are Headed’

“I would have liked to have heard more about what the plan is to deal with all of those things,” said Brennan. “Fundamentally, the office of the presidency and its very first responsibility is to protect us as Americans and tell us how that commander in chief is going to execute on it. We didn’t […]

Indie Troubadour Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy Talks Merle Haggard Tribute Album

Imagine arranging Merle Haggard’s millions of fans in concentric circles. In the outermost ring, place the casual listeners, the ones familiar with “Mama Tried,” some of the canonical 1960s material and maybe the hoopla around “Okie From Muskogee.” A slightly smaller – if still spacious – circle encompasses those who stuck with Haggard as long […]

Adderton calls for more Gen3 clarity amid team talks

Adderton has been a vocal supporter of cost containment in Supercars over recent seasons, including a stand-off with series officials over control front uprights last year that ultimately saw Garry Rogers Motorsport fall off the grid thanks to a funding shortfall for 2020.

#EndSARS: Inside Buhari’s parley with former heads of state by Femi Adesina

President Buhari made remarks next. He gave the former leaders a comprehensive brief on all that had happened since the protests began, up to his address to the nation, which had come up only the previous night. He enumerated what government had been doing to meet the needs of youths, and make life better for […]

ISL Transfer Watch: FC Goa signs James Donachie from Newcastle Jets on loan

FC Goa’s Director of Football, Ravi Puskur was elated at the latest capture for the Gaurs, “James is exactly the kind of profile we wanted to bring to FC Goa this year, both for our ISL and AFC Champions League campaigns. He’s entering the peak of his career, and has already won titles at the […]

These Seniors Were Left Behind When Hurricane Laura Hit. No One Claimed Responsibility.

He and Hempton pulled their old Ford pickup into the driveway, got out, and were stunned to find even more older adults inside. He counted about 30 men and women, stuck in the hot, humid building, surrounded by debris and shattered glass. They were all hungry, thirsty, and alone. Walking through the dark foyer of […]

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman Ride Into the Future on Electric Harleys in ‘Long Way Up’

It’s been over a decade since best friends Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman have filmed one of their Long Way motorcycle adventures. In Long Way Around (2004), they ride from London to New York; in Long Way Down (2007) from Scotland to South Africa. Fortunately, filming finished for their new series Long Way Up before […]