Tuesday briefing: Brexit talks head for bitter end

Another Belarus politician taken – Germany and Britain have demanded answers after the senior Belarusian opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova was reportedly snatched off the street in central Minsk. Kolesnikova was taken along with members of the Coordination Council, which was set up to seek a peaceful transfer of power amid widespread rejection of a presidential […]

Brooklyn Nets name two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash head coach as GM Sean Marks calls the former Phoenix Suns star ‘one of the great on-court leaders in our game’

The 15th-overall pick of the 1996 NBA Draft, Nash’s early professional career was stifled by a Phoenix Suns depth chart that, at various times, included legendary point guards Kevin Johnson, Sam Cassell and Jason Kidd (left), the latter of whom served as the Nets head coach in 2013-14. ‘Congratulations to my friend @SteveNash on becoming […]

David Walliams threatened to quit Britain’s Got Talent if arch enemy Piers Morgan was made head judge on the ITV show following Simon Cowell’s electric bike accident

The music mogul has insisted producers have made the show the best it can be despite social distancing now being in place – and has even hinted he will indeed appear at the live final in October, despite being on bed rest. 

Adder bad day? Chloe the Yorkshire terrier gets bitten by a SNAKE to leave the poor pet with a massively swollen head

‘If you think your dog may have been bitten by an adder, then do what Ray and Denise did and seek emergency help straight away – please don’t delay as every minute is crucial in these cases.’

Nuts about each other! Burly builder drives along with a squirrel sitting on his head after his daughter rescued the orphaned animal

‘Because I rescued him when he was a baby, Planet doesn’t really understand danger. So he climbed onto our next door’s neighbour roof and sat by their cat. I had to grab him down quickly, so we do need to be a bit careful with him. 

J.K Simmons recalls the time he inadvertently HEAD-BUTTED Lupita Nyong’o while accepting his Oscar for Whiplash

‘Lupita Nyong’o was going to hand me the trophy and I reach out with one hand to take the trophy, and I reach out with the other hand to shake her hand, like we’re two dudes making a business deal, and then I realized, “Oh no, it’s Hollywood. You’re supposed to do the fake kiss […]

The Boys season 2 episode 4 recap: the best episode yet

Back in the Vought tower, Homelander sees numerous internet memes mocking him while celebrating Stormfront. He confronts his new rival, insisting that he’s the face of the Seven and scores higher on every demo that counts. She tells him that his need to be loved by everyone is pathetic, which gets Homelander riled to the […]

The last taste of freedom! Young people head to restaurants and bars across the UK on the final weekend before strict ‘rule of six’ measures are enforced next week

‘Only way to stop the spread of this infection is to reduce the number of people we come into contact with. It means we’re going to have to hold back our contacts in other areas. Where people can work from home, there is an extremely strong argument that they should do so.

The best Wasteland 3 builds

If you’re looking for a Heal Leader, create them yourself. It’s possible to grab a sniper companion right at the start of the game, but given their sub-optimal stats and the importance of the role, use the build I created above to produce your own. When it comes to Melee fighters, there are a couple […]

Holiday in Cornwall: our insider’s guide to the best beaches, where to stay, cheap eats and the best things to see and do

9. Music and entertainment Best music venues Despite being a world away from the big centres of music such as London and Manchester, Cornwall’s own idiosyncratic music scene has always thrived, whether leading the way for folk music in the 1960s or our own Aphex Twin being responsible for the explosion in electronic dance music […]