Livesteam Theater Review: Richard Nelson’s ‘What Do We Need To Talk About?’ Stakes Claim As First Great Drama Of The Pandemic

The fifth and latest installment of writer-director Nelson’s series of dramas known collectively as the Apple Family Plays, What Do We Need… debuted Wednesday on YouTube and the Public’s website, picking up seven years after the last play, Regular Singing. While the first four installments were performed, with minimalist sets, as family dinner conversations on […]

How to talk to your child if they see Ronnie McNutt’s live-streamed suicide

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IPL 2020: Mental & physical freshness will be key: Delhi Capitals’ head talent scout Vijay Dahiya

Speaking ahead of a nets session here at the ICC Academy on Saturday, Dahiya said, “I think it makes a huge difference when you have people in your coaching staff who have played the sport before. It generally helps them think like an athlete and also helps with the players getting to learn a lot […]

Snoop Dogg Dubs Candace Owens and More Black Conservatives ‘The C**n Bunch’

“@snoopdogg posted this today calling us along with other black conservative Americans ‘c**ns’ for aligning with Republican Party. Sorry but we think with our minds not our skin color. Our black ancestors heard chants of ‘c**n’ before the KKK hung them from trees. KKK was started by the democrat party by the way. But here […]

What the biggest tech companies are doing to make the 2020 election more secure

Security and policy The biggest threat Facebook faces is combating misinformation on its platform. Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of security policy, said that the social network is actively tracking three types of threats leading up to Election Day. These include attempts to suppress voter turnout by spreading false information in how voting works, hack and […]

Criminal Records: Singer creates label for jailhouse Scots

Prison’s got talentBrown has enlisted heavyweight help from the US to get things going. Eric McLellan spent a decade at Sire Records, signing new acts for the label that was once the home of Talking Heads, The Ramones and Madonna. Now he’ll be trying to spot Scottish prisoners with the potential to become pop stars.

The richest self-made streamers in Vietnam

AS Mobile’s real name is Nguyen Huu Sang (born in 1996 in Vung Tau City). He built his own YouTube channel very early. AS Mobile channel earned only VND2 million between 2014 and 2018. The turning point was made when Free Fire was released in Vietnam. Sang quickly got acquainted with this game and became […]

Facebook is becoming Google and here’s why

Facebook is massive and it’s growing fast. The social network has seen a steady rise in mobile use, with active users doubling from roughly 500 million in early 2012 to nearly a billion this year. Key to the social network’s growth is its piggy backing on the spike in mobile web access – as the […]

Sweeping coastal views, an outdoor pool and access to your very own pebble beach! John Barrowman puts his stunning Welsh bungalow up for rent at a cost of £2,700 per month

‘I’m used to being busy, but there are only so many times I could lean the floor or the toilet. By the time I’d done it ten times I was thinking, “OK what do I do now?” Then it just hit me: I don’t have people I can ring up and talk to.’

Real-Life Cops, and Me

New York was still the down-at-the-heels city of bankruptcy, blight, and seediness that ranged from the amiable to the menacing, so there were also, ambling up and down Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue, a fair number of heroin addicts, prostitutes, and pimps who actually dressed like they did on TV shows and movies set at that […]