These Seniors Were Left Behind When Hurricane Laura Hit. No One Claimed Responsibility.

Most likely, he did not. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Volunteer rescue workers, who by that point had been working to get assistance for the residents, said they couldn’t get the attention even of their local government: “What’s crazy, Beth, is that the National Guard is right across […]

Oxford University coronavirus vaccine could be rolled out within six months: Report

There is growing hope that a vaccine against coronavirus may be given the green light by health regulators by the end of this year to be rolled out for a vaccination programme in six months’ time or even less, according to a UK media report. The vaccine candidate under trial by University of Oxford scientists […]

Loan moratorium ‘extendable to two years’, says Solicitor General in Supreme Court

Shrinking of economyDuring the hearing, Mr. Mehta said the best was being done to revive the stressed sectors. “The national economy is stressed”. He referred in passing to the shrinking of the economy in the last quater by 23%. He had held preliminary talks with RBI officers. “Let the Central government, RBI and the bankers’ […]

Pandemic perk: Bay Area companies increase mental health help for remote workers

“We need a really strong sense of optimism while at the same time recognizing this reality,” that there is no clear end in sight to the pandemic, Gilliland said. He compared the psychological situation during the pandemic to that of prisoners of war who convince themselves their ordeal will end on a set date, only […]

It’s been six months since the Bay Area sheltered in place: What have we learned?

People tend to go about much of their lives on a sort of autopilot, said Jamie Kimmel, a staff chaplain at UCSF Medical Center. The pandemic has been incredibly destructive. Nearly 200,000 people have died in the United States, millions have lost jobs and may lose their homes, or are unable to feed themselves or […]

Serinda Swan On Her Character Dr. Jenny Cooper In The CW’s ‘Coroner’: ‘The Humanity Seen In Jenny Is Really Resonating With People’

I think the freedom that I have been given Jenny to kind of explore that is the same freedom that I have been giving myself. Like ‘you’re not perfect, you’re not perfect,’ you know? There are all of these things that I tell her and I love that she brings out the artistry in me […]

Coping With COVID-19 Crisis: L.A. Film Schools Finding Ways To Teach Amid Shutdown; Creative Solutions, Exhaustion The New Normal

For Rajski and Boyle, among the biggest positives of late has been an increased sense of intimacy and respect among professors, their colleagues and their students. “I think we’ve grown more intimate, in its own kind of strange way, because we’ve shared pain…Instead of submerging it, I can say ‘Me too,’ and that intimacy, I […]

How to build a more human workplace

There’s been a lot of emphasis since the murder of George Floyd on listen, stop, pause, reflect, be empathetic. Well, all that stuff is what goes out the window when we’re exhausted, depleted, and burned out. So I’m really eager to use this moment as a crucible moment. It’s a moment of trial and a […]

Fauci on Trump’s Vaccine Boasts: No One’s Seen the Data

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week quietly updated its guidelines on COVID-19 transmission, saying “airborne viruses, including COVID-19, are among the most contagious and easily spread” and that the virus could spread “through respiratory droplets or small particles, such as those in aerosols, produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks […]

The best Nintendo Switch games for 2020

Celeste The Nintendo Switch’s portability makes it ideal for “pick up and play” games you can start and stop at a moment’s notice, and few titles meet that bill better than Celeste. A tremendously well-designed platformer with simple controls that feel ideal on the Joy-Cons, it’s a game that continually surprises you with new level […]