Welcome to the apocalypse: Los Angeles is compared to Blade Runner after smoke from wildfires turns skies bright orange as blazes sweep across the West Coast leaving at least 23 dead and forcing 10% of Oregon’s population to flee

BERRY CREEK, CALIFORNIA: More than 14,000 firefighters are battling 28 fires across California, according to the Department of Fires and Forestry Protection. An exhausted Cal Fire crew were seen taking a break in the grass next to Berry Creek Elementary School, which was destroyed overnight during the Bear Fire on Wednesday

Migrants rescued by Danish tanker land in Italy after 40 days at sea

ROME — A group of migrants who had been blocked aboard a tanker in the Mediterranean for more than a month were allowed to land in Sicily on Saturday after Italy agreed to take them in, NGO Mediterranea said.

Livestock ship carrying 42 crew sinks off Japan’s coast

Its automatic identification system tracker gave its last position nearly two days ago, according to the ship-tracking website MarineTraffic.com. Based on that position, it was sailing in high winds of 58 knots (66 miles or 107 kilometers per hour), MarineTraffic.com said.

Pirates Kidnap Two Russians From Vessel Off Nigeria’s Coast

“We confirm that two Russians were kidnapped from the Water Phoenix vessel on September 8, 30 kilometers [18.6 miles] away from the city of Lagos in Nigeria, as a result of an attack by pirates,” the Russian Embassy in Nigeria said in a statement. The embassy added they are making effort, in cooperation with Nigeria’s […]

Millions of acres are burning in Oregon, California and Washington and weather conditions are no help

The Creek Fire, racing through the mountains of Central California in Fresno County, has destroyed at least 360 structures since the flames erupted Friday evening. The fire has burned through more than 152,000 acres and is 0% contained — and according to Cal Fire, strong forecast winds Wednesday will likely impact the flames. Since it […]

A wary and traumatized Paradise watches the raging inferno from nearby California fires

Skinner said she and her husband regret returning to the area. Before the Camp Fire, Paradise was a town where “everyone knows everybody,” she said. But it’s different today — those who could afford to left town, but others are still struggling to get back on their feet.

Washington man arrested for starting fire in median of highway, police say

FOX12 reported that police confirmed that a boy and his grandmother died in a wildfire near Lyons, Ore. The Mail Tribune in Medford, Ore., reported that Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler confirmed at least one death and a criminal investigation at the origin point of a wildfire that started near Ashland. Three others have died in California.

Wildfires sweeping Western states of America have caused the skies over Britain to change colour as smoke plumes travel 5,000 miles

The complex- which is just 24 percent contained – has destroyed more than 26 structures and killed at least one person. It secured the title of California’s largest-ever fire on Thursday, as the state weathers its worst most destructive year on record.        

Cops arrest four for arson – including man who LIVE STREAMED fire he is accused of starting – as death toll from wildfires climbs to 29 and Oregon officials warn of ‘mass fatality event’

‘I am your wife’: Husband searching for his partner in Oregon wildfire asked badly burned woman for help – but didn’t realize it was her, as it’s revealed their son, 13, died clutching his dog  A husband desperately searching for his family in an Oregon wildfire has told how he was unable to recognize his […]

Portland Leads Cities With Worst Air Quality in the World Amid Wildfires

Portland’s live air quality ranking continues to be by far the worst among major world cities as tens of thousands of acres remain ablaze in the region. Other cities in the area— including Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco—are also experiencing some of the worst air quality in the world, with yellowed skies and dense fog […]