Toronto Film Festival Jury Winners: ‘Martin Eden’, ‘Murmur’, ‘How To Build A Girl’

The FIPRESCI Special Presentations prize to How to Build a Girl comes after it world premiered at TIFF last weekend. Feldstein stars in “a witty and heartfelt story of an irrepressible teenage girl who breaks into the snooty boys’ club of English rock criticism, loses her soul, and then gains it back again,” the jury […]

New York Film Festival Puts Tradition Into Turnaround To Meet The Drive-In Moment

Related Story Steve McQueen On Capturing The Joys & Struggles With Racism Of London’s ’70s Black West Indies Culture In NYFF Opening Night Film ‘Lovers Rock’ In place of Alice Tully Hall, the Walter Reade Theater, red-carpet pomp and bashes at Tavern on the Green will be online screenings and drive-ins in Queens, Brooklyn and […]

Drive-In ‘Lovers Rock’: A NY Film Festival Unlike Any Other Honks Opening Horn

The rows of several dozen cars obliged numerous times during the brief pre-screening remarks before quieting down during the feature presentation. In the park surrounding the drive-in, inspiration was everywhere, even if everyone wore masks. There was the Billie Jean King Tennis Center, where the U.S. Open just concluded one of its most compelling editions […]

‘Martin Eden’ Is Vividly Rendered Take On Jack London’s Novel

Back in the grungy slums with his sister and her family, Martin becomes a sincere autodidact, reading voraciously with the intention of qualifying as a writer himself within two years. If the setting were today and you looked like Martin, everyone would tell him to shove the writing and become a male model or actor. […]

How Mira Nair turned Vikram Seth’s novel into a suitable show

Next came the music. Nair grew up in Odisha, Kolkata, Shimla and Delhi, and now splits her time between her homes in New York, Kampala in Uganda, and New Delhi. But her father grew up in Lahore before Partition. “I grew up listening to ghazals. Music was going to be the oxygen of this whole […]

Disney+ casts first ever Muslim superhero in new Ms Marvel series tracking teen with power to ‘alter shape and size’

The teen posted a picture of herself alongside the Ms. Marvel logo and gushed: “Speechless and excited! Wish me luck. #msmarvel.”

Film Review: ‘The Kid Detective’ Starring Adam Brody

Still, the writer-director can’t shift gears all that drastically, so we’re stuck with far too much cutesy, sad-sack narration delivered by Brody in a style that might be called seedy, seen-it-all Canadian. But while Brody gives the odd character a decent shot, young leading lady Nelisse acts with her mouth poutily hanging open most of […]

Film Review: Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Recalls The Lofty Ambitions Of The Studio’s Finest

What is it that defines us? Director Pete Docter’s new movie imagines a plane of existence called The Great Before, in which our personalities are determined before we’re ever sent to Earth to be born. A plane of existence in which every soul must find its spark of particular interest with the help of lofty […]

Canada & Japan Make International Oscar Submissions

Funny Boy, which is in Tamil, English, and Sinhalese, depicts a young boy’s sexual awakening in Sri Lanka during the turbulent Tamil-Sinhalese conflict. Ava DuVernay’s Array is releasing the film in North America, with Netflix hosting the international roll out in December.

Cinemas ‘shocked and dismayed’ by Disney decision to launch Soul on streaming

But UNIC, whose president is the UK Cinema Association’s chief executive Phil Clapp, warned that Hollywood’s decisions “risk causing irreparable damage to key markets” and that when the studios want to release their blockbusters again, “it may be too late for many European cinemas”.