New industrial policy coming early next year: Suresh Prabhu

“We have to do three things in the new industrial policy. One is to reduce regulations. Why? Because the government cannot run industry… Number two is to promote modernisation of the existing industry as they are facing challenges. And number three will be to take into account the new emerging industry, which is not even […]

108 Military Central Hospital, a model of international cooperation

The 108 Military Central Hospital has acquired the latest disease diagnosis and treatment technologies According to Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Japan is a world leader in gastrointestinal and esophageal cancer treatment, and leading Japanese specialists have come to the hospital to conduct surgeries and transfer advanced techniques and technology in gastrointestinal and esophageal […]

N10.43trn subsidy: You’re wrong, industry stakeholders, others tell FG

The students, who were initially stopped by operatives of the Department of State  Service, DSS, from moving through the Oke-Fia area of the town, later resorted to passing through Old-Garage to MDS and terminated their procession at the Correspondents’ Chapel  of Nigeria Union of Journalists at Ola-Iya junction, where they addressed journalists.

Full fat or slimmed-down? Tech offers cheaper options

But the affordable NZ$799 iPhone SE I mentioned earlier has the exact same 326ppi count as the 10-year-old iPhone 4. It’s still a great phone, but now, it’s also affordable as it’s not using the latest and greatest and costly-est specs. So far, so logical.

Western Digital is trying to redefine the word “RPM”

In our editorial opinion, this response, however polished, is not helpful—and neither is the still-undefined “RPM class” itself. A consumer reading this data sheet will be more confused by the marketing fluff, not less. And the “typical consumers” who Western Digital might conceivably be trying to shield from information they don’t understand are unlikely to […]

I was part of a Russian meddling campaign

The focus of this campaign appeared to be the US presidential elections, but over the past couple of years New Zealand has learnt it is not immune to interference and cyber attacks from foreign actors – mainly Russia and China. In just the past week, the NZX has gone down due to overseas cyber attacks, […]

Sneaky hackers use Intel management tools to bypass Windows firewall

Both the PLATINUM malware and the AMT security flaw require AMT to be enabled in the first place; if it’s not turned on at all, there’s no remote access. Microsoft’s write-up of the malware expressed uncertainty about this part; it’s possible that the PLATINUM malware itself enabled AMT—if the malware has Administrator privileges, it can […]

Grassroots healthcare clinics to be upgraded

“The ministry will connect provincial, district and commune health clinics with remote medical examinations and treatment. A doctor at a central hospital will support at least four health workers in provincial facilities, four health workers in district facilities and two health workers in communal clinics,” he said.

The hoaxer who breaks women’s hearts

There are sometimes more radical embellishments. In America people have been fascinated for months by the story of Manti Te’o, an American football player whose girlfriend, met online, turned out not to exist. The precise details of the case are still not clear, but a fellow player suggested Te’o had been “catfished” – a reference […]

Giorgio Piola’s history of F1 steering wheel evolution

In 2015 the FIA started to remove bite-finding techniques from the drivers’ arsenal, as they attempted to bring back some autonomy, rather than have an almost perfect launch from the grid each time. Instead, the drivers would have to control how much slip the clutch had.