New device developed to reduce cost of tracking open heart surgeries

Tracking results of open heart surgeries may soon become easier and cheaper,thanks to a simple, cost effective palm size blood flow meter developed by scientists of the prestigious Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology (SCTIMST) here. India is currently fully dependent on imported blood flow meters to precisely measure blood flow rates […]

Progress in phase-one trade deal talks signals hope

Also last week, the Ministry of Commerce announced that, on Oct 1, China will implement a new rule for handling any complaints of foreign-invested enterprises, as part of its efforts to build a market-oriented and law-based international business environment. This regulation is a further step to implement the Foreign Investment Law that significantly increased the […]

Supreme Court judge says he is thinking of renouncing his smartphone

A visibly alarmed Justice Gupta said he may renounce his smartphone and embrace privacy. He observed orally that innocents were trolled online, anonymous entities used social media to drag reputations through the mud, hate and crimes like paedophilia spread online unchecked. It was necessary to trace and punish the ‘originators’ of these crimes. The government […]

Protect Doctors, Nursing Homes and Small Businesses From Trial Lawyers | Opinion

Democratic and Republican governors in over 20 states understand as much, and have already crafted targeted limited liability shields to protect their most vulnerable residents from the plaintiff bar’s frivolous COVID-19 suits. These state models—which provide targeted protections, not blanket immunity—represent a great start, and the federal government should use them as a springboard to […]

UK’s coronavirus death toll jumps by 181 to 759 in Britain’s darkest day of the crisis yet as almost 3,000 more patients are diagnosed as Government promises to start testing hundreds of frontline NHS staff this weekend

In a small group of patients, who seem mainly to be the elderly or those with long-term illnesses, it can lead to pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection in which the insides of the lungs swell up and fill with fluid. It makes it increasingly difficult to breathe and, if left untreated, can be fatal and […]

We are in the process of rebuilding Andhra: CM Jaganmohan Reddy

The three capitals is a layman’s perception. (In effect) the capital city’s functions are being distributed: executive functions from Visakhapatnam; legislative functions from Amaravati and judicial functions from Kurnool. These are the exact words used by Sivaramakrishnan Committee. The capital’s functions can be distributed among different places. Why all these functions should be delivered from […]

China to set up platform on legal supervision

Courts shall handle the suggestions made by procuratorates according to the law. If the case is complicated and controversial, a hearing shall be held and attended by personnel from the people’s procuratorate at the same level.


No Cheating. You may not use any software or device that allows automated gameplay, expedited gameplay or other manipulation and you agree not to cheat or otherwise modify an NBC Sports Service or game experience to create an advantage for one user over another. No Interference. You may not interfere with any other user’s ability […]

Surrogacy: what is the process and why is changing it so complex?

She says one way of keeping people happy would be a double birth certificate, with one holding all the names of the intending parents and surrogate, and the second just with the intending parents that can be used as the legal document people need to sight.

Coronavirus news from the Bay Area: Sept. 10-11

3:14 p.m. Government will halt airport coronavirus screening of international travelers at airports: Underscoring that coronavirus transmission can come from people without symptoms, the CDC says that beginning Monday, the government will no longer require flights from China and other specified countries to land at one of 15 designated airports and will halt enhanced entry […]