Nebbiolo Technologies Joins Major Industry Effort to Define and Standardize a New, Open Architecture for Secondary Energy Substations

“It is exciting to witness Nebbiolo’s vision of virtualized, centrally orchestrated computing at the edge, consolidating mixed criticality applications and complemented by advanced analytics, manifest its great potential in the evolution of Secondary Substations and Smart Grid in general”, said Chandra Joshi, CEO and Co-Founder of Nebbiolo Technologies.

‘Groundbreaking’ Clearview AI Technology Used To Take Down Alleged Child Sex Predators

Another instance in which the technology was used was last August in New York City when a man caused a bomb scare by leaving two rice pressure-cookers in the Fulton Street subway station. Using the technology, law enforcement officials were able to rapidly identify the suspect and were able to locate him and take him […]

Microsoft buys Nokia handset business for €5.4bn

While it is strong in the “feature phone” business in the developing world, it has struggled in the all-important smartphone business. Apple’s iPhone and handsets running Google’s Android together make up over 95% of sales in the US and China, the world’s two largest smartphone markets, according to Kantar Worldpanel’s latest figures. Windows Phone only […]

Are police illegally using facial recognition technology?

Professor Wiles added: “It’s certainly an intrusion on privacy, and I think if you’re going to deploy that (live facial recognition) operationally you have to be able to demonstrate not just that the system works, but that the public benefits outweigh the intrusions into their individual privacy.

‘It’s a war between technology and a donkey’ – how AI is shaking up Hollywood

As well as analytical tools, ScriptBook is developing a screenwriting AI, which they have given the dystopian sci-fi thriller name of Deepstory. “It really is a co-creator,” says Azermai, reassuringly. “We envision a next-generation writers’ room where whenever they don’t know where to head to for the next scene, they would have Deepstory create it. […]

IBM AI-Powered Solutions to elevate aviation industry in Vietnam soar to the new heights

Digital transformation is not just a buzzword. The digital technology transformed most industries including Aviation. This is the tool that can fundamentally reinvent how airlines operate, instead of a way to modernize isolated functions. Digital enables a new level of data-driven collaboration across all airline functions collectively—connected people, processes, technology and culture to deliver a […]

Humans vs bots: Korean firms use AI in hiring, can read faces to figure out what’s fake

Just one more day remains for one of the biggest tech conventions, CES 2020, to come to an end. This year, we saw flying cars, rolling robots and smart everything – from kitchens, to plant pots. Biggest innovators, the likes of Samsung, LG and others brought their best to the table and truly redefined what […]

Hospitality workers reflect on Sydney’s lockout laws, celebrate change

New beginningsTo celebrate the end of the lockouts in the CBD, Mr Edwards organised a sausage sizzle at his venue to usher in a new era.

White paper: Benefits of digital technology outweigh economic challenges

But that does not bar China from investing heavily in improving broadband access in rural areas, which is an important lever to spur e-commerce. That means taking full advantage of the lowest possible skill threshold that is required to adopt and deploy digital technologies.

China takes a leading role in fourth industrial revolution

China has taken a leading role in technological innovation and IP protection in the fourth industrial revolution and has the potential to take leadership in the years to come, said World Economic Forum leaders at the 2019 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions also known as the 2019 Summer Davos Forum in […]