Inmate reductions not found to lead to more crime

The New York and New Jersey statistics cover the period from 1999 to 2012, when both states took steps to reduce imprisonment through changes in sentencing laws and other measures. During those years, the report said, both states’ prison populations fell by 26 percent while their violent crimes declined about 30 percent, well above the […]

How California reduced its inmate population to a 30-year low

In 2005, a federal judge in San Francisco ordered the state to transfer prison health care management to a court-appointed receiver, saying shoddy care was killing more than one inmate per day. Although the state had reduced its prison population after Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger declared an emergency, in 2009 a three-judge panel, citing ongoing health […]

The Soviet Union’s Scientific Marvels Came From Prisons

Turns out, though, that’s not how science works, and for years, scientists would pay the price. They were praised, promoted, and well-funded if the Bolsheviks saw use for their specialties, and fired, interrogated, or jailed if they didn’t. They became swept up in deadly purges. The stories of some of these scientists, mostly young men, […]

Defence Team Has Been Unable to Reach Viktor Bout for 2 Weeks, Lawyer Says

In 2008, Bout was detained in Thailand on a US government request as a result of a sting operation by the US special services. Bout was then transferred to the United States where a court found him guilty of conspiring to kill US citizens and of supporting terrorism.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case: Maharashtra law department backs one probe amid row with Bihar

Following this, the Maharashtra government sought the opinion of its law and judiciary department, which said in a note to the home department that under the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) rules, an offence must be investigated by the police in whose jurisdiction it was committed. The state government is likely to submit this legal view […]

Lagos judiciary trains magistrates on application of Restorative Justice

“The skills you will learn at this Training will be a foundation to your effective mediation in our Restorative Justice Centres. So I enjoin you all to pay rapt attention and take all you can from this training. You are at the vanguard of this revolution in the Criminal Justice space of Lagos State. We […]

Pompeo, Taliban Negotiator Discuss Afghan Peace Process,  Taliban Says

Instead, Ghani is expected to release 500 prisoners who are not on the list, and has called a traditional assembly of tribal elders from across the country – known as a loya jirga – to consult on whether to free those remaining on the list.

‘SOS’ in the sand saves Pacific island mariners

“Partnerships,” US Coast Guard Capt. Christopher Chase, commander of US Coast Guard Sector Guam, said the post. “This is what made this search and rescue case successful. Through coordination with multiple response organizations, we were able to save three members of our community and bring them back home to their families.”

Man accused of raping minor, tells court it was a aframe up

READ ALSO: Police detain cop over alleged rape of widow without face mask in Rivers “On that day she was beaten by her aunty again so I asked her to come into my room as I wanted to help her.

At First It Looked Like A Scientist Died From COVID. Then People Started Taking Her Story Apart.

“We have been looking into this for the last 24 hours and cannot verify any connection with the university,” ASU spokesperson Katie Paquet told BuzzFeed News by email on Sunday. “We have been in touch with several deans and faculty members and no one can identify the account or who might be behind it.”