Kendall Jenner tells pals Justin Bieber and wife Hailey she ‘honestly’ didn’t see their marriage coming but says: ‘It makes me really happy’

‘My mom has taught me and all my sisters so well to save stuff like that, so even if we’re at a birthday party and there’s a photo booth, I’ll be like, ‘I’ll take all the photos home,’ so nobody else looses them.’

Woman transforms tiny closet at her one-bedroom flat into a luxurious Friends and unicorn-themed bedroom for her stepdaughter – for less than £500

‘There were some negative comments with people saying it gave them Harry Potter ‘cupboard under the stairs’ vibes but Isabella’s happy and that’s all that matters to us – the bed is so secure and we can even fit up there as adults.

Houseparty app offers $1 million bounty over hacking rumours

“To be honest, we can’t tell you that the Houseparty app is bug-free, because we haven’t decompiled or analysed it, and even if we had, working out that an app is totally free of vulnerabilities is a close-to-impossible exercise, as are many tasks where you are expected to prove a negative,” Sophos said in a […]

Now lawyer for Jeffrey Epstein victims says British witness will tell FBI she ‘vividly remembers’ seeing Prince Andrew with Virginia Roberts at Tramp nightclub – after royal denied dancing with ‘sex slave’ on night of THAT photo

‘She then performs a prolonged eye cut-off, closing her eyes as she says he is ‘the most hideous dancer’. Cut-offs can be used to conceal the eye expression but that would tend to be more common when someone is answering a direct, ‘killer’ question, whereas here Virginia is creating her own narrative. 

Inside the brutal murder of Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend which still haunts him today

“I knocked on the door, no answer. I knocked again, no answer. I looked through the window on the front door and didn’t see anything. I tried the front door knob and it was locked,” he told the jury.

How to throw a birthday party in isolation: Mum gives her daughter, 3, her dream Frozen-inspired bash despite coronavirus restrictions meaning she couldn’t invite any friends

‘Harlow had been so worried about her birthday through the week. When she was asked if it was her birthday at the weekend at daycare, she just said “no, it’s cancelled because of the coronavirus”.

COVID-19: Two Kerala friends come out with Instagram story for children on the pandemic

Anjali says that Diya has been modelled on Vibha, with her dress, hairstyle, body language and actions incorporated in the illustrations. “After I saw the video, he sent me the initial sketches. Then I started working on the story,” says Anjali, who lives in Kochi.

See Luke Combs Tell His Fans’ Stories in New ‘Does to Me’ Video

When Luke Combs began brainstorming ideas for the music video for “Does to Me,” his collaboration with Eric Church, he knew his fans would be involved in some way. He decided on having them submit inspiring photographs and posts via Instagram. “I had them share things that might not mean a lot to others, but […]

Queen wishes Boris Johnson a speedy recovery and tells Carrie Symonds the couple is ‘in their thoughts’

The Queen is being kept up to date fully on Boris’ condition, but there will be no weekly audiences on the phone or with Mr Raab, Downing Street said.

10 things not to say to someone when they’re ill

4 “You’re looking terrible” I know it sounds improbable. But people really did feel the need to reassure me that my hideousness was plain to see. One person told me that while I’d put on a lot of weight, I’d of course be able to go on a diet as soon as I was better. […]