Explainer: Ethiopia’s Tigray civil war reflects unresolved ethnic tensions

The conflict began November 4 when Abiy ordered a military response to a TPLF attack on a federal military compound in Tigray, where the Ethiopian military’s Northern Command is located. Abiy accused the TPLF of attacking the military camp in an attempt “to loot” military assets.

Chinese Fintech company Ant Group considering selling stake in Paytm amid rising tensions between India and China?

Competitive Intensity Indian start-ups are heavily funded by Chinese investors such as Alibaba and Tencent. Bankers have previously said they were looking to bolster their presence in the country with an aim to grow their revenue outside China. Alibaba has invested over $4 billion in India so far and had plans to invest around $5 […]

China’s Ant considers Paytm stake sale amid tensions with India: Report

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group is considering selling its 30% stake in Indian digital payment processor Paytm amid tensions between the two Asian neighbours and a toughening competitive landscape, people with direct knowledge of the matter said.Financial details of the possible transaction have not been firmed up and Ant, the Alibaba-backed payments-to-consumer credit behemoth, has […]

Australia slams China over fake image of soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child in shocking reference to ‘war crimes’ report – as Scott Morrison demands deletion and apology

The dossier also slammed Mr Morrison’s proposed law to ban state governments and universities from doing deals with China without federal approval and his updated foreign interference laws to lower the threshold for federal scrutiny of private deals involving Chinese companies. 

Chinese govt planned Galwan assault, says top US panel

The Chinese government had “planned” the Galwan incident in June even as Beijing ramped up its multiyear coercion campaign against its neighbours, provoking military or paramilitary standoffs with countries from Japan to India, the United States top panel said in its report released on Wednesday.

Borno Massacre: Senate, Shekau differ on casualties

The lawmaker recommended that the Arms Act be amended to allow eligible Nigerians bear arms; the House should investigate the preparedness of the Defence Industry Corporation of Nigeria to manufacture weapons in the face of alleged international gang-up against Nigeria; investigation of billions of Naira spent on the purchase of equipment. While the house voted […]

China Moves to Surpass US in Economics, Technology, Diplomacy and Military, Report Says

And while China’s economic and public health outperformed much of the rest of the world throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a disease first observed in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, Cleveland called on U.S. legislators to push China to become more open to ensure a balanced spread of information, whether on the country’s epidemiological situation […]

New Zealand joins Australia in denouncing China’s tweet

He was referring to a disturbing report by Australia’s military earlier this month which found evidence that elite Australian troops unlawfully killed 39 Afghan prisoners, farmers and civilians during the Afghanistan conflict. The report recommended that 19 soldiers be referred to federal police for criminal investigation.

MSNBC’s Mitchell apologizes for sharing ‘editorial pitch’ after accusing Trump WH of pressuring FDA

NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker responded by reiterating the “question” both Meadows and President Trump have been asking, which was why Pfizer’s vaccine approval hasn’t moved more quickly by the FDA and suspected that the meeting between the White House and Hahn was “tense.”

Businesses line up for further support

A senior expert from the Asian Development Bank in Vietnam told VIR that much remains to be done for Vietnam to help these enterprises in this regard. “Low quality is the key constraint that hinders the domestic private sector in joining GVCs. The low-quality problem has become increasingly acute when technical, quarantine, environment, and health […]