The coronavirus inflicts its own kind of terror, changing our idea of life, and security

Recently, Pope Francis took a step that was out of the ordinary and did not appear at his Vatican window to deliver his blessing. Instead, in a first for the Pope, he live streamed it from his residence, in a move that was in solidarity with those affected by the virus. The visual was set […]

Foiled Crimea Terrorist Attacks ‘Crime Against Russian State, People’ – Medvedev

“In my opinion, this is, certainly, a crime committed against the Russian state and the people of Russia living on one of the territories belonging to the Russian Federation — the territory of the Crimean peninsula,” Medvedev told reporters. “The investigation is underway, you are getting all the information on the matter, which is quite a lot. I can only express regret once […]

Coughing ‘attacks’ may be prosecuted as terrorism in war on coronavirus

The charges levied against those who allegedly intentionally spread or threaten to spread the virus varies by state and local jurisdiction. But many people involved in these cases have been charged with some form of making “terroristic threats” against others, in addition to more familiar charges such as assault.

Global coronavirus cases pass 1.5 million amid fears of second wave of outbreaks

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, warned against even short trips, to the seaside or the mountains or relatives, saying they “can’t happen over Easter this year”. Spaniards appear to be responding to the strict confinement rules applied more than three weeks ago, as authorities made extra calls for them to remain at home during the […]

Pakistan expresses concern over rising coronavirus cases in IoK amid rights violations

Outrightly rejecting Indian claims of Pakistan’s alleged involvement in a recent terror attack on a Gurdwara in Kabul, she said that Pakistan has fought valiantly against terrorism, including ‘state-sponsored terrorism’ from across the border.

Eight hundred and six people die in New York City in a day: Daily death toll DOUBLES with total fatalities topping 4,000 as doctor describes life at field hospital in Central Park where patients could be hospitalized for weeks

De Blasio’s comments on undercounting the death toll came after the chair of NYC council health committee, Mark Levine, stated on Monday night that only those tested before they die are counted as COVID-19 victims, sparking fears the actual death toll could be far higher than the 3,500 already recorded.

The Jallianwala massacre – when British troops killed hundreds of unarmed Indians

Partition of India: The way forward Worsening ties Diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan have remained acrimonious for the past seven decades. The issue of Islamist terrorism has marred relations in the last few years, with New Delhi accusing Islamabad of backing Islamist jihadists to wage a war in India-administered Kashmir. India also blames Pakistan-based […]

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson confirm engagement

Ariana also got a tattoo of a bee a year on from the terror attack at the Manchester Arena where 22 people died at her concert last year.

These doctors work for free on coronavirus front line: ‘You step up to the plate’

For more information about the coronavirus pandemic, go to Fox Nation and watch “America Vs Virus” with Dr. Mehmet Oz, ”Pandemics and Epidemics 101,” with Dr. Nicole Saphier, a full-time practicing physician at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and ”Fox Nation 101: Making Vaccines,” with Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security.

Were New Zealand always this cuddly?

New Zealand’s greatest team (aside perhaps from the present one) – the ’80s outfit – infamously had its share of prickly characters. Richard Hadlee was galaxies out of his team-mates’ league through much of the decade, and was sometimes accused of acting like it. Jeremy Coney later remarked that “the reputation of the team was […]