The Soviet Union’s Scientific Marvels Came From Prisons

Turns out, though, that’s not how science works, and for years, scientists would pay the price. They were praised, promoted, and well-funded if the Bolsheviks saw use for their specialties, and fired, interrogated, or jailed if they didn’t. They became swept up in deadly purges. The stories of some of these scientists, mostly young men, […]

Defence Team Has Been Unable to Reach Viktor Bout for 2 Weeks, Lawyer Says

In 2008, Bout was detained in Thailand on a US government request as a result of a sting operation by the US special services. Bout was then transferred to the United States where a court found him guilty of conspiring to kill US citizens and of supporting terrorism.

Lagos judiciary trains magistrates on application of Restorative Justice

“The skills you will learn at this Training will be a foundation to your effective mediation in our Restorative Justice Centres. So I enjoin you all to pay rapt attention and take all you can from this training. You are at the vanguard of this revolution in the Criminal Justice space of Lagos State. We […]

The village where dozens of young girls have been raped is still waiting for justice

Three men had been caught by family members as they tried to steal girls away or, in one case, as the assault was taking place. In February 2013, a girl named Isabelle, aged 10, was discovered missing by her mother, who then sent her older brother to look for her. While searching, the brother heard […]

Revealed: how Africa’s dictator died at the hands of his boy soldiers

Increasingly paranoid, Kabila started to devour the children of the revolution. Last November, he believed he had discovered a plot against him and arrested, tortured and killed soldiers loyal to Commandant Anselme Masasu Nindaga who had days earlier made a subversive speech at a reunion for 1,200 kadogos in Kinshasa.

Muslim Brotherhood leader hits out at Britain after Sisi sworn in

“No high-profile meeting happened here last year,” he said. “Our policy, especially in time of crisis, is that we don’t hide anything. No one can imagine that the British government is unaware of who enters the country. This whole review is based on completely false information, and that is problematic.” MI5 and MI6 have been […]