Textile and electronics hardest hit in pandemic: official

“For the textile sector, the value of apparel exports decreased by US$2.3 billion in the first half of 2020. Meanwhile, the electronics sector achieved higher export value. In the global industrial manufacturing market, the growth of the textile industry decreased by 7 per cent compared to the same period last year, while the electronics sector […]

GST growth of 5.5% pulls economy down in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu. The state registered the highest unemployment rate of 49.8% in the country in April.While the national figure stands at 23.5%, the unemployment rate in TN increased by 43.5% within a month. In March it was 6.3%, according to the survey. Over a longer time period, unemployment has moved from 0.9% in May 2019 […]


Vietnam is currently the 16th-largest trade partner of New Zealand and the two countries boast many advantages from supplementing each other. New Zealand has high demand for importing garments and textiles, footwear, wood, tropical farm produce, and seafood, which are strengths of Vietnam, while Vietnam needs to import milk and dairy products, wine, lamb, fruit, […]

Trump’s New Virus ‘Plan’ Is to Quit Even Trying, Pray for a Vaccine Before November

He answered back immediately, visiting the newsroom of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on the very night of the broadcast. All vaccines dispensed to children, he argued, had been triple-tested—by his own laboratory at Pitt, by the manufacturers, and by the National Institutes of Health. I have even, he said, given this vaccine to my own children. […]

Historic biscuits: ‘Where the pavlova divides us, the Anzac unites us’

They were so hard soldiers would grate them into tea to make “trench porridge”. In Discovering Gallipoli Research Guide the hard-tack biscuit was described as “one of the most durable materials used in the war, reputed to be bullet proof!”