Woman driver tells black female motorist ‘f*** off back to your own country’ in shocking road rage row

The shocking scene was shared on social media on Wednesday by the woman’s daughter with the caption: “I can’t believe she spoke to my mum like that I’ve never experienced this before and can’t believe this still happens absolutely disgusting.”

‘Stay strong’: How Houston’s Jett Bush went from walk-on to scholarship at UT

“When I found out I got the scholarship, I just looked back at all the hard work I’ve put in to achieve my dream,” Bush said. “I didn’t get there alone. I got there with the help of my teammates and my coaches that were with me along the way. And everybody in my personal […]

Edo Central, Esan’s conditions for backing Obaseki — Imasuangbon

The few ones you see are political jobbers. This is not Kogi State; there would be no taa taa ta (gun trotting). They should just forget about writing results either. This is not Kano State, they should forget about writing result. It is not going to happen. We will all be there. We will vote […]

I Don’t Fall Sick Any More, Former NNPC Staff Reveals What He Used and How You Can Also Benefit Too!

The way I was falling sick before scared me, I nearly missed my final year exams because of sickness, my boyfriend left he even called me a Sickler but my story is different today because I am the strongest and healthiest anywhere I find myself today since I started using your recommended immune+, funny enough […]

The Last Word: Gene Simmons on Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Donald Trump

Are you curious to try alcohol? Does that interest you at all?No, not at all. I like being able to do things. I mean, if somebody comes over and puts hands over your eyes, don’t you want to take the hands away? If somebody wants to give you, without you knowing about it, a pill […]

Senator Abbo’s PA in police net over impersonation and forgery

“They now discovered we are the same religion with them, they now said it’s because Zaman is Margi that I took him to the police station and I locked him up because he is leaking my document for Fintiri. And so what, my documents are missing here, of cause so many are doing it for […]

Real-Life Cops, and Me

Was there anything in my life — my actual life, the part not lived on the carpet in front of a TV set — to contradict this? Not yet, but my world was changing. The great cratering of New York City was now at its most dire — it was the era of overflowing trash […]

The Voice star Gwen Stefani looks unrecognisable with brown hair in stunning photo

“And obviously, none of us like these circumstances, but I’d be lying if I said that I’m not having a blast being stuck at home for this long because I’ve just never gotten to do it before you know, since I’ve owned a home, I’ve never been able to be there more than two weeks […]

Zahid Younis: Murderer who hid bodies of two women in freezer jailed for life

More from London Armed police in ‘high-risk’ raid of suspected gun supply gang in London Seven children injured after car mounts pavement outside school Woman found dead in royal park near William and Kate’s Kensington Palace home Boy, 7, discovered drowned in London home with mother also found dead Kickboxer denies ‘executing’ reality TV star’s […]

Re: Much ado about child marriage (2)

Ok, even if girls are to marry at such age, have the Yarimas not thought, that it could have been more tolerable and logical, should they marry boys of same age grade? How do you explain a 50 years old man of Yerima’s age, being married to a 13 year old girl? this is just […]