‘Thank God for Cellphone Video Cameras’

It’s a commonplace to note now that the most significant images in the criminal-justice reform movement have not been shot by professional photographers, nor by police body cameras, but by ordinary people wielding only their phones. Feidin Santana’s video of Walter Scott. Ramsey Orta’s video of Eric Garner. Even the still image, shot through curtains, […]

Franklin Graham Thanks God for ‘Past Four Years’ Under President Trump

“Let us pray,” said Graham as he opened the fourth and final night of the RNC. “Our heavenly Father, which art in Heaven, we thank you for the great bounty you have bestowed on this nation and the many blessings we have received these past four years. We are forever grateful.”

Don’t Worry, Rihanna Is ‘Completely Fine’ After E-Scooter Accident

Please, it is okay, you can calm down now: Rihanna is perfectly fine, nothing to worry about here. That’s according to her reps, who have now assured the masses that the bruises recently spotted on Rihanna’s face stem from an e-scooter accident, and nothing more nefarious than that.

RS Country Music Picks: Week of August 31st

Adam Chaffins, “Further Away (Acoustic)” Adam Chaffins is joined by Brit Taylor for a lonesome, acoustic version of his song “Further Away,” released in its original form in February 2020. In light of this particularly bleak year, it’s taken on some new meaning. Accompanied by a skeleton crew of musicians, Kentucky native Chaffins pulls “Further […]

‘Free at last’: Jerry Falwell Jr quotes Martin Luther King Jr to say he’s ‘relieved’ after resigning from Liberty University over pool boy sex scandal

During a vacation over eight years ago, Becki and I met an ambitious young man who was working at our hotel and was saving up his money to go to school. We encouraged him to pursue an education and a career and we were impressed by his initiative in suggesting a local real estate opportunity. […]

Becki Falwell breaks her silence to deny pool boy’s claims that her husband Jerry watched them having sex and says she wishes people were ‘more forgiving’

‘Jerry Prevo, who will stay on as Acting President, said, “Our students are ready to be world changers as Champions for Christ. Their spirit is strong as they look to the future. I intend to do all I can to nurture their spiritual side as they grow academically and enjoy all our campus has to […]

‘Nothing to burn’: Fire-hardened homes in Wine Country give peace of mind to owners but remain rare

Santa Rosa architect Sara Harrison Woodfield designed the Tanseys’ house and said eliminating wildfire risk has been a decades-long crusade. Harrison Woodfield is one of a handful of Wine Country architects who refuses to design wooden homes in areas vulnerable to wildfire. Instead she favors noncombustible materials like RSG-3D, a thick fire-retardant foam panel sandwiched […]

Ondo: Father dumps own three-week old baby boy in canal

“When we heard a baby’s voice cried out. Then we knew what he had come to do. People have been coming from different places to dump things in this canal. We have to make it as a point of duty to make sure it stopped.

Manhunt Continues For Hit-And-Run Driver Who Critically Wounded 4-Year-Old Boy In Tacony 2 Weeks Ago

“My son’s in there, fighting for his life, things are never going to be the same with our family right now,” Currid said. “We’re missing a piece of our family. That’s our baby. Please. That’s my world, please. Do the right thing.”

How 11-year-old Nigerian boy went from dancing barefoot in the streets to viral ballet star

Leap of Dance Academy is housed at Ajala’s home. Every day after school, his 12 students walk into his apartment, where he pushes aside his furniture and spreads a sheet over the concrete floor for dance practice.