Have an unhappy Christmas: Government scientists advise no singing, dancing or BOARD GAMES (and isolate for two weeks before and after five-day ‘bubble break’)

SAGE experts write: ‘If the entire population were offered a single test with 70 per cent sensitivity, 80 per cent of infected people took up the offer and 90 per cent of people who tested positive completely isolated, around 50 per cent of infected people would not be isolated.’

Caledonian Games a ‘fun family friendly day in the sun’ in Waimate

The day starts at 9.30am with 108 children’s (aged 5 to 14) athletics events, followed by 24 Highland dancing events, 10 solo bagpipe events, 34 track cycling events, 18 men’s and women’s athletics events, 12 children’s roadster cycling events, 15 speed skating events, a 5 kilometre road running race, heavy ball throw and the caber […]

Tom Brady Sr. says Bill Belichick in the ‘hot seat’ while praising relationship with Kraft family

Brady has won a record six Super Bowl titles, four Super MVPs and three league MVP awards since becoming starter in New England in 2001 while Mahomes is just getting started with one league MVP, one Super Bowl MVP and is back in the title game for the second time.

The Medium review – split-world horror stranded in unsatisfying limbo

The majority of the story takes place at the abandoned site of a massacre: The Niwa Resort, a holiday park in rural Poland, to which Marianne is summoned by a mysterious phone call. This resort setting provides wrecked, tense environments to stalk around – empty swimming pools, doctors’ surgeries, places where children once played. When […]

Watch Dogs: Legion Reveals Free Content Updates, Assassin’s Creed Crossover, First DLC

Invasion Mode And More Content Is Coming LaterMore online-specific content is planned for the future, including the return of the series’ Invasion mode. This is the mode where you can drop into another player’s instance to hunt them down and take their data. Thillainathan also mentioned how it has been tweaked for the new game’s […]

Nintendo’s Retiring President, Reggie, Shares Heartfelt Message With Fans

The Medium ReviewSuper Mario 3D World – Switch vs. Wii U Comparison8 Minutes Of The Medium Gameplay7 Minutes Of Bowser’s Fury Gameplay – Super Mario 3D WorldCyberpunk 2077 SPOILER Chat – Cyberpunk UpdateThis Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Adds Free Respecs and New Game PlusMicrosoft Acquires Bethesda – GS News UpdateHitman 3 On Epic Games Store, Call […]

The Best Baby-Shower Gifts, According to Experts

Product designer and mom Rebecca Schultz told us that, after she had C-section, receiving this co-sleeper as a gift was a very welcome surprise. “Using the co-sleeper with the drop-down side means I don’t have to lift the baby up so much in the night,” she explains. The drop-down panel allows for the bassinet to […]

New Washington COVID Rules Could Kill More Businesses Than Save Lives | Opinion

Why should restaurants suffer if they’re not responsible for the surge? Inslee explains that “we have to reduce these transmissions any place we can,” arguing that the mandates are not a form of punishment. Instead, Inslee asserts that “we have to identify every single environment where this transition can take place”—though, curiously, he hasn’t stopped […]

For a college town like Boulder, the return of students could be the key to economic recovery

Colorado in the start of 2021 has tried to extend a lifeline to those businesses, as Gov. Jared Polis lifted some of the dining restrictions, and Boulder County has recently applied for the state’s 5 Star Certification Program. But more dining space doesn’t do much good if the people normally dining haven’t even moved back […]

Is GameStop’s Soaring Stock An Indicator Of Possible Market Bubble?

(CBS Detroit) — To the untrained eye, the stock market has been acting a little crazy for much of the last year. The Dow Jones, S&P 500 and NASDAQ have all grown steadily, despite the COVID pandemic and resulting economic crisis. The simple explanation is that the rise reflects the market’s optimism in a more […]