Lisa Ray Comes Out In Support Of Bangalore Artist Who Accused Saaho Makers Of Plagiarism

Lisa shared images of the two and wrote, “…We need to stand up and speak up. To hold up a mirror to these makers to make them understand THIS IS NOT RIGHT. It’s come to light that a big budget film production has ripped off one of Shilo’s original creations. This is NOT inspiration but […]

Adam Schlesinger obituary

It was not until 2003 that they made a new album, now with S-Curve records. This was Welcome Interstate Managers, which gave the group their most successful single, Stacy’s Mom, sung from the viewpoint of a teenage boy infatuated with his girlfriend’s mother. A deliberate homage to the Boston band the Cars, it made No […]

How Can Broadway Recover From This Pandemic?

“There is going to be a reset,” says one veteran producer. “Are we going to see multiple theaters empty for entire seasons for the first time in decades?” It’s possible. Aside from fears of the virus, the effect of the economic collapse on Broadway will resonate through through the 2020-21 season, and perhaps beyond. In […]

Bright Light Bright Light Debuts Empowering ‘This Is My House’ Video

At the moment it seems a disco vibe has seeped into the mainstream, with pop artists such as Dua Lipa and the Weeknd releasing their own take on the catalog. And Bright Light Bright Light’s latest song offers its own buoyant beat to dance through pain and trouble. “For me, it’s sort of dancing through […]

Ennio Morricone Goes Inside ‘Hateful Eight’ Soundtrack

The incorporation of unused music from the Carpenter film made sense since, in a way, The Hateful Eight could be a descendant of The Thing, with its wintry setting, suspicious rogues, gallons of blood and star Kurt Russell. In the case of the 1982 movie, filmmaker John Carpenter had decided that for once he would […]

The Latest: ‘Moonlight’ wins best picture Academy Award

Jenkins, who is nominated for best director for “Moonlight,” says he does not yet know what he would say if he wins an Oscar Sunday. He says, “I think art is inherently political,” and he supports any artists who speak out about politics at the awards show.

Stanley Kubrick: A Clockwork Utopia

“Do you like hifi?” Kubrick asks, nodding in the direction of two monster speaker units placed at one end of the room in his house that he uses as an office, or more accurately as a communications center. He selects an album from an industrial shelving unit and holds up the cover: “This will amaze […]

Vin Diesel Drops The Last Witch Hunter Tease While in Quarantine

2commentsThe Last Witch Hunter follows Diesel as Kaulder, a witch hunter who has been killing monsters since the Black Plague. In the first film, which also stars Elijah Wood and Rose Leslie, Kaulder is tasked with stopping a plague from completely destroying New York City.