Kangana Ranaut to direct Aparajita Ayodhya, a film on Ayodhya verdict

Just days after the Supreme Court delivered its verdict on the Ram Mandir Janmabhoomi dispute, Kangana had announced that she’d produce a film on the issue. “The Ram temple has been a burning topic for hundreds of years. As a child born in the ’80s, I have grown up hearing the name Ayodhya in a […]

Paddy McGuinness explains how brand new Total Wipeout is filmed with social distancing

“You’ve got people doing stuff on this water place which is just ridiculous; you don’t stop laughing at it. It’s hard! Some of the stuff people go through, from getting punched off a wall to falling on them big red balls, all to win ten grand!

Happy Birthday Jacqueline Fernandez: Take a look into the actor’s best looks, fitness regime and more

I realized that there was a lot more communication happening and a lot more attention given to myself instead of stress and thoughts and work and social media. So I really started enjoying it and am really happy that I got back into it,” added Jacqueline.

Downton Abbey star Hugh Bonneville reveals exciting new project

Jessica previously opened up about deciding to leave the show after three seasons. Chatting on Sunday Brunch, she explained: “I was incredibly grateful for what Downton became and did, but it was my second job and I knew nothing about what I was doing. I really wanted to learn more. I had so much more […]

Racism: Nigeria needs to take the lead again in Africa

Instead, it is Ghana that has taken the lead in providing essential leadership in Africa. Last week there was a large protest march in Accra organized by the government to support the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. Last year was Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’, an invitation to interested descendants of those sold into slavery to return […]

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Maheen Sadiq’s ‘Freedom Fighters’ bags an Emmy nomination

Announcing the news on her Facebook, Sharmeen wrote: “Freedom Fighters is dedicated to Pakistan’s brave female fighters who are not afraid of facing adversity and are entrenched on the frontlines, to create a better tomorrow for their neighbors, community, and country.”

Rogue One Reshoots Resulted in New Ending, Writer Nabs Big Payday

RELATED: Adria Arjona Joins Rogue One Prequel Series on Disney+ A report from August revealed that the reshoots had wrapped, while Tony Gilroy’s involvement was clarified. The initial report revealed that Tony Gilroy was supervising the edit, which was confirmed in this report, which also reveals that the reshoots tackled a number of different issues […]

Rogue One Director Explains Original Ending and How It Changed

RELATED: Adria Arjona Joins Rogue One Prequel Series on Disney+ “I mean, it’s a great Disney tradition isn’t it? For every single character to die in all their movies. I think there was an early version – the very first version they didn’t [die] in the screenplay. And it was just assumed by us that […]

Seattle radio host on protest zone: Cops have been ‘completely abandoned’ by mayor

“I fear that it ends by giving into some of the demands of this group and I wouldn’t be surprised if they just completely give up the east precinct police station as a community center for them,” Rantz said in response.

The end of tourism?

From the petrol and particulates that spew from jetskis to pesticides drenching the putting green, the holidaymaker’s every innocent pleasure seems like another blow to the poor old planet. Then there is the food left in the fridge and the chemicals used to launder the sheets after each single-night occupancy in one of Airbnb’s 7 […]