Programming language tools: Windows gets versatile new open-source terminal

“This new text-rendering engine will display text characters, glyphs, and symbols present within fonts on your PC, including CJK ideograms, emoji, powerline symbols, icons, programming ligatures, etc. This engine also renders text much faster than the previous Console’s GDI engine,” noted Kayla Cinnamon, a Microsoft program manager for Windows Console, Command-Line and WSL. 

Top programming languages: Python still rules but old Cobol gets a pandemic bump

Python 100.0Java 95.3C 94.6C++ 87.0JavaScript 79.5R 78.6Arduino 73.2Go 73.1Swift 70.5Matlab 68.4Ruby 66.8Dart 65.6SQL 64.6PHP 63.8Assembly 63.7Scala 63.5HTML 61.4Kotlin 57.8Julia 56.0Rust 55.6The very top of IEEE Spectrum’s rankings is line with other programming-language indexes, but the inclusion of Arduino and the omission of Microsoft’s TypeScript are not.

Programming language popularity: Python overtakes Java – as Rust reaches top 20

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The People Who Hated the Web Even Before Facebook

There was real and democratic and liberatory potential, and so it’s not at all surprising that people—not least Berners-Lee himself—are choosing to remember and celebrate this era. This was the time before social media and FAANG supremacy and platform capitalism, when the internet was not nearly as dependent on surveillance and advertising as it is […]

CoderZ Introduces New Python Programming Course for Middle and High School Students

“Python is the world’s fastest-growing and most popular programming language. It’s used by software engineers, analysts, data scientists and machine learning engineers,” said Ido Yerushalmi, CEO of CoderZ “Python Gym allows users to learn Python like a professional. They start from the basics and work their way up to complex programming for their own virtual […]

Master Python programming with over 96% off these premium courses and ebooks

The Complete Python eBook & Video Course Bundle helps you learn the same in-demand skills and start a career in software development. The bundle contains 17 hours of content, including five courses and five ebooks. You can pick up the training now for just $29.99, saving 96% on the total value. Whether you are taking […]

Superhero offers instant payment, turning web addresses into P2P wallets

Previous and related coverageWhat will the Bitcoin halving event do for blockchain and digital commerce?On May 11, the amount earned to process a Bitcoin (BTC) transaction on the blockchain halved. And that could be a big problem for the miners that process the transactions.

Chrome 86 on Android lets you defer downloads until Wi-Fi is available

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Software developers, make your voice heard and earn a chance at some fun prizes

When the survey is complete, /Data will anonymize all the data and release reports, identify trends, and more. The results of the survey will be released in the State of the Developer Nation report in the fourth quarter of 2020. Survey participants will be able to access the report along with /Data’s Global Developer Benchmarking […]

Contact tracing: How Ireland built its app and what it’s doing next

Back in March, Harte’s colleagues immediately put themselves forward to participate in the new project. A team was pulled together on the day that the health authorities called, with Harte leading on the technical side; on the Sunday, design works for the app were kicked off; and the very next day, the HSE had a […]