Abandoned newborn baby bitten by hundreds of ants dies of her injuries

The incident took place in the Heroes de Leon colony in the city of Leon in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato where the baby was still alive when she was found and rescued by members of the local Public Security force.

Seven babies stillborn in one night as medics go on strike over lack of PPE

“Two of the mothers had ruptured uteruses and needed early operations. The other operations were done because of obstructed labour, but were not done on time so the babies died, stuck in their mothers’ pelvises.”

Baby bath tubs: Give your little ones a fun bathing experience

Bathing your adorable munchkins can be a nerve-wracking task for every new mom. Especially when your babies are young and cannot sit properly, the task become even more tedious. On one hand, you have to hold your little bundle of joys and then have to look for a bottle of shampoo, soap, oil, etc. Hence, […]

Countdown’s Rachel Riley surprises fans with baby bump

Speaking about her relationship with the dancer, Rachel – who lives with Pasha in London – previously told HELLO! Online: “I think it’s up to the individual couple. You have to work out what’s good for you. I think talking is good. Pasha and I are both quite chilled and quite independent. We can go […]

Police dog finds missing mom and baby on first job

“I was really pleased that during our first operational deployment as a dog team, myself and Max were able to safely locate the missing mother and baby,” he said. “Max remained focused throughout the long search and he proved invaluable.”

What It’s Like to Work at Disney World During a Pandemic

The biggest issue with guests not wearing the masks is when they are walking around the park with a snack or with a drink and don’t pull the mask down. They’ll just walk around, you know, sipping on a Coke without wearing their mask. I think that that’s something that Disney has actually cracked down […]

‘Trident is old technology’: the brave new world of cyber warfare

Right now, the greatest constraint on Nato’s ability to defend itself against attack is the scarcity of security specialists. The Russian and Chinese security establishments are known to have corralled networks of hackers. In China, the now infamous Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army was discovered, in 2013, to have been running an almost […]

Pregnant Dani Dyer slips into fitted mini dress to flaunt 14-week baby bump

She continued: “Apparently at this stage I’m supposed to feel ‘on top of the world’ which I really hope for as the first few months have been really hard. I’ve had loads of messages from people so thought I’d share my experience so far.”

Mum shares incredible pics of baby born at 22 weeks…2 weeks before abortion limit making her one of the world’s earliest

It was very powerful and I didn’t want that moment to end. Although I selfishly wanted to keep holding her, I know the best place for her right now is the incubator and in the care of the nurses and doctors.

Life before TikTok! From a dancing baby gif to chicken on a raft and the Space Jam home page – over 35s reveal the top ten nostalgic websites that Gen Z has NEVER heard of (so how many do YOU recognise?)

The site has options to visit pages New Internet Explorer Errors, Stupid web pages Wacky Windows errors!, MSIE verses Firefox comparison guide , Ways to torment IE users, Reasons not to use IE, Ways bill gates shoiuld die and What will Bill do next?’