Robin DiAngelo: How ‘white fragility’ supports racism and how whites can stop it

As a white person, I take for granted that I get to be special and different and unique, and that you will respond to me that way. It would never occur to me that the police would be called because I was waiting in Starbucks for a friend before I got my coffee. Or that […]

Who do you think you are? Séamas O’Reilly digs up his Irish past

And the roots are easily found. We are shown inside my mother’s house, which still stands but is currently between renovations. My dad tells us how it looked when he last saw it in the early 70s, gesturing to long-gone fittings and appliances, rearranging the floorplan with points and waves. “I was never allowed upstairs, […]

Beirut explosion: Lebanon’s government resigns as public anger mounts

More on the explosion in Beirut The inferno and the mystery ship Beirut explosion: Before-and-after images ‘We don’t have dreams any more’ What we know about the blast What is the background to the government’s resignation?Discontent in Lebanon has been brewing for years. In late 2019, a plan to tax Whatsapp calls spilled over into […]

Coronavirus live updates: California sets record for most cases in a day

11:12 a.m. AARP jumps on Trump statement about tax that funds Social Security: President Trump’s vow to defer payroll taxes by executive order for coronavirus relief and seek to “terminate the tax” if he’s re-elected, drew immediate objection from AARP, the powerful lobby and watchdog group that looks out for older Americans. Many lawmakers “agree […]

Grounded Quartzite: where to find Quartzite and what you can do with it

The cave beneath the southwest pylon (the pylon with the weakened laser). Guarded by Lawn Mites. The cave blocked by two acorns to the east (the rocky area on the map, north of the flooded biome). Guarded by Larvae. The Ant Hill (northwest of the Field Station nearest where you started the game). Guarded by […]

‘There’s a Need for Organizers Everywhere’

She knows that half measures can fail. On June 8, she urged city officials to end the use of tear gas, rubber bullets, and flash bangs. The city’s mayor, Jenny Durkan, had announced a tear-gas ban days earlier, but it was temporary, only banned one version of tear gas, and included a large carve-out, which […]