Jurassic World 3 director open to Sam Neill and Laura Dern’s return

The flame-haired actress, who plays Claire Dearing in the rebooted dinosaur movies, asked Dern if she’d be interested in reprising her role as Satler, prompting Laura to reply, “Do you know something I may not…? If I were to, would you join me?”

To Do List: Dinosaur Drive-Thru, Music Festival, Sculpture Park Picnic

Club Passim’s annual Labor Day Campfire Festival is streaming online, with more than 100 artists scheduled to perform live over the next four nights. Over half of this year’s acts are playing in the festival for the first time, allowing audience members to experience new music in a unique way.passim.org/campfirepassim.org/campfire

Crowds of NYU students ignore warnings to socially distance and descend on Washington Square Park for a night of partying – as 20 are suspended for flouting COVID-19 rules, just days after in-person classes resumed

Video from the scene shows it wasn’t only students gathered in the park, other New Yorkers joined the Labor Day weekend celebrations too, with couples seen ballroom dancing and one man even break-dancing on a panel of cardboard.

Gov. Cuomo slams NYU for ‘allowing’ massive Washington Square Park party, warning ‘it takes just one out-of-state person to be a super-spreader’ and defends BLM protests at the same spot because marchers were ‘local’

Cuomo says indoor dining can’t start until City Hall is able to ensure compliance with social distancing and mask wearing. He said opening eateries would require double the current number of businesses to be inspected.

Wildfire Damage at Big Basin State Park Extensive but Largest Redwoods Should Survive

“I have to do a more careful assessment but I feel pretty good about the Father of the Forest,” Kerbavaz said. “Trees that are burned, even in severe fire intensity, about almost 90 percent of the redwoods do survive and I’m expecting that’s what we’re going to see here.”

Parking deck collapse in Atlanta leaves five workers injured

Four construction workers were injured but managed to walk away from the collapse site. One was trapped with leg injuries, and had to be lowered to the ground by crane, Atlanta Fire Rescue Deputy Chief Glen Riley told reporters at the scene.

Jean-Claude Juncker: Europeans have lost ‘libido’ for each other

Jean-Claude Juncker has warned the danger for the EU is that Europeans have “lost their collective libido” for each other, but added that in Britain the “bride” – the EU – had been “systematically reviled” from the start and then “rejected”.

Tokyo fears losing a part of its soul as world’s biggest fish market moves

Preparations for the move will disappoint tourists, who from mid-September will no longer be able to observe auctions of enormous frozen tuna, snapped up before dawn each morning and sliced up with bandsaws and frighteningly sharp knives before being shipped to restaurants and supermarkets. A spokeswoman for the market said public viewings of the auction […]

World’s wildlife populations have fallen by an average of 68% in four decades, World Wildlife Fund says

“We are destroying rainforests to convert the land to cropland to feed a growing planet and the growing demand for food, in general, and animal protein, in particular,” Shaw said. “In the process of deforestation and forest fragmentation for food production, we are opening up more and more tropical forests to the poaching of its […]

Wealth Report: London, Not New York, Is World’s Greatest City

In purely economic and political terms, New York still has the edge but it is London that boasts the greatest number of resident Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (The UHNWI club has a minimum entry requirement of $30 million), and scores best when the views of the world’s richest are analyzed. Abishek Lodha, the managing […]