The best cheap laptop deals in August 2020

How much are the best laptop deals? Shopping for laptop deals between $50 and $200 will usually have you looking at the excellent range of Chromebooks on sale right now. Running Chrome OS, these budget laptop deals will see you through everyday web browsing, emails, and some light streaming for eye wateringly low prices. You’ll be […]

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ongoing review: 7 standout and not-so-great features today

Other Note 20 features and goodiesUWB support for sharing files like a digital key. Point to share with other Samsung devices using UWB. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to over 100 games you can play on the fly. Samsung’s Microsoft partnership: Drag-and-drop and syncing from Windows devices and apps to your Samsung phone, including notes […]

Creators Update on two-thirds of Windows 10 machines

With the Fall Creators Update due next month, at this point it seems likely that the deployment of the Creators Update won’t be complete by the time the Fall Creators Update is released. This is a slower pace than the previous major update, the Anniversary Update. That was first released in July last year, and […]

Amazon Fire HD 8 review: £90 tablet revamped for 2020

The faster processor and more RAM of the standard version of the Fire HD 8 make it noticeably faster than the model it replaces. Generally it performs fine, handling complex websites such as the Guardian well enough. Switching between apps can be a bit sluggish, but once they are loaded they perform as expected. The […]