Government Plans To Install Charging Stations Across 69,000 Fuel Stations In India

If the rules come into effect, it will eliminate one of the biggest hurdles for EV adoption in the country. Having more chargers across the country will make for frequent use of EVs inside the city, which will reduce pollution by a great extent. While charging stations in highways increase the boundary for travelling in […]

How government’s policies, programmes affect housing delivery in Nigeria

The Lekki-based company is believed to be meeting the housing needs of people across different segments of the property market with its various classes of housing types which include terraces duplexes, fully and semi-detached, maisonettes and flats of different categories of sizes such as one-bedroom apartment to five-bedroom apartment.

What you need to know about coronavirus on Tuesday September 8

This comes as the UK reported nearly 3,000 cases for two days in a row, marking the country’s highest daily totals since May. Health minister Matt Hancock said he was concerned about the rise, which he said was primarily among “affluent” young people. Meanwhile, Denmark is restricting public gatherings in its capital and 17 other […]

Special educational needs reforms ‘failing generation of children’

A wide variety of campaigning organisations supporting families and Send children welcomed the report. Jane Harris, the external affairs director at the National Autistic Society, said: “Autistic young people and their parents will be relieved that MPs have shown they understand the devastating experiences they have been through.

A case for down-to-earth governance

Inner democracyPolitical parties in electoral democracies provide a solution to the problem of creating an alignment of views among representatives from hundreds of constituencies around the country. A party’s point of view on fundamental matters can unite many. Therefore, all representatives need not be heard from in Parliament. One can speak for many. It is […]

HENRY DEEDES: Pure Tinker, Tailor… all it needed was Smiley with a filterless Senior Service

Some of the report’s juiciest offcuts concerned wealthy oligarchs, whom successive governments – Jones said – had ‘welcomed with open arms’. He described how they had used the capital ‘like a laundromat’ to clean their dirty money, aided and abetted by PR firms and estate agents happy to accept their ill-gotten cash.

The US needs 200 million tests a month to reel in Covid-19 pandemic, report says

Public health experts across the country have for months said testing will play a critical role in helping to reel in the pandemic. Getting enough people tested — and getting their results back quickly — will aid contact tracers in tracking down Americans exposed to the virus and help control outbreaks.

Governor compliments Telangana government; but says a lot to be done in health, education, tribal sectors

Interacting with reporters on the completion of one year in the office, the Governor the government has ramped up the tests now though initially there was a ‘lag’ in dealing with the pandemic. “I had written letters to the government concerned as a doctor as well. May be due to certain administrative issues and protocols […]

Boris Johnson’s government is threatening to breach international law. It could backfire spectacularly

Cheeseman believes that the UK’s move could affect the country’s ability to positively influence other major events happening right now. “What are the big stories at the moment? Opposition leaders are getting poisoned in Russia. Government critics are being abducted in Belarus and Rwanda. Obviously what Johnson is doing is nowhere near this scale, but […]

Need to support youth in their ‘fight’ for employment: Priyanka Gandhi

The Congress has stepped up its attack on the government over the state of the economy and alleged rise in unemployment after the gross domestic product (GDP) contracted by 23.9% in the first quarter this year as the coronavirus-related lockdowns weighed on the already-declining consumer demand and investment.