Who’s Afraid of Max Landis?

But he’s not getting too focused. This is Max Landis we’re talking about, after all — another key to his success is the simple fact that he has so many pies cooking at any given time. He works with astounding quickness, claiming to have written the first draft of Mr. Right in a day and […]

How a poet’s son is reclaiming Genoa from Italy’s tainted elite

Another – Il Sottobosco, the undergrowth – unmasked corrupt business deals across party lines, including in the Democratic Party (PD) which now backs him, along with the Five-Star Movement and various green parties. But most of Sansa’s writing is poetic and reflective – about the history and natural beauty of the region he would now […]

The women who shaped, seduced and scarred John Lennon: New book reveals untold stories of the mother whose death the Beatle never got over, Britain’s first female pop star, and how Yoko Ono begged to be his lover (because she’d gone off sex)

In November 1972, three years after they married, the couple attended a party where John was worse for wear. He spied a woman sitting on her own and led her into an adjoining room. Soon, the entire party became uneasily aware of what John and the woman were doing. Yoko, paralysed, clay-faced with passive indignity, […]

‘Notturno’: Film Review | Venice 2020

Related to this are the terrifying drawings of violence made by children in their first years of school. While an understanding psychologist listens and gently prods their memories, several kids recall how, as captives of ISIS, they were woken up to be tortured and to witness the murders of adult prisoners. These scenes are delicately […]

Cabinet minister admits Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up Brexit divorce deal WILL break international law as top Government lawyer quits hours before talks restart and Theresa May warns UK will ‘no longer be trusted’

‘Given the expectation that additional pressure on the health and social care system created by Covid-19 is likely to continue into and past the winter of 2020 (a time when the service is stretched each year) we expect the sector to continue to experience a significant burden and risk being overwhelmed.’

Donald Trump compares himself to Churchill keeping London calm during the Nazi bombing and FDR during the depression in new defense for not telling the truth about COVID

HE DIDN’T SAY KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON -  HE DID TELL THE TRUTH: CHURCHILL’S WAR  Winston Churchill did take to the rooftops of London during World War II to watch bombing raids but he never gave a speech from there. The famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster was not what he preached – […]

‘The Sarasvati was more sacred than Ganga’

As for the ‘negatives’, I am afraid they are all too conspicuous: almost every Indian I meet knows that the country’s progress is hampered by an antediluvian political class and administration that lack vision and competence and promote a culture of spinelessness and mediocrity; by a stinking, all-pervasive corruption which the average Indian is reluctant […]