FX Chief John Landgraf Lays Out Return To Production Plan For ‘Atlanta’, ‘The Old Man’ & ‘Y: The Last Man’ As ‘Fargo’ Wraps Season 4

Fargo season four, which stars Chris Rock, was set to premiere in April but had only shot nine of its 11 episodes before the COVID-19 production shutdown. The show, overseen by Noah Hawley, will now premiere on September 27 and the cast and crew completed production in Chicago on Tuesday September 8.

Good Samaritans Who Rescued 90-Year-Old Man From Flooding Honored By Pittsburgh Police

“What I witnessed that day makes me proud to be from Pittsburgh. John Messina and Paul McComb embody the selflessness and compassion that makes the City of Pittsburgh special. I thank them and commend them for putting their own safety at risk to help a fellow Pittsburgher in need,” said commander John Fisher in a […]

33-year-old man shot dead by three on bike in east Delhi

Yogesh used to run a car washing workshop in Dakshinpuri and was involved in a murder case in 2011. After two years, he got bail. Later, he was involved in cases of assault. The police said they are getting more details about him to find out if he was involved in some other cases.

How long does coronavirus immunity REALLY last? 82-year-old man who recovered from the disease caught it again just 10 days later – ending up in intensive care BOTH times

Writing in the study, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal or reviewed by other scientists, the scientists said: ‘The seasonal coronaviruses are the most representative virus group from which to conclude general coronavirus characteristics, particularly common denominators like dynamics of immunity and susceptibility to reinfection.  

Florida man beats, spits on 70-year-old man who asked him to social distance, police say

The victim, who was not identified, asked Rovester Ingram to step away while they were inside the store at a Citgo gas station on Thursday because Ingram was not wearing a mask, Winter Park Police said in a statement.

Trump claims 75-year-old man shoved by Buffalo police could be part of ‘set up’

Trump pushed the conspiracy theory as the nation reckons with patterns of police brutality and racial injustice in the wake of the death of Floyd, an unarmed black man who died late last month after a white Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Police officer is airlifted to hospital after suffering severe burns to his arms and legs in assault as 30-year-old man is arrested for attempted murder

‘Whilst at the scene an officer has been assaulted and sustained a number of burns to his arms and legs – the officer has severe injuries but they are not currently believed to be life-threatening. 

Watch Channing Tatum dance for unsuspecting fans in old man disguise before revealing himself at Magic Mike XXL screening

Are you excited for Magic Mike XXL? 0+ VOTES SO FAR YES NO Does the Post Office do bulk orders of $1 bills? Asking for a friend

Video Shows Police Shoot 60-Year-Old Man While Responding to Mental Health Crisis

After the man swung his bat at one of the officers, another officer fired two rounds, hitting the man. According to Captain Jeff Rinaldo, one of those shots struck the man in the abdomen. Local TV station WIVB News 4 reported on Sunday that the injured man was in stable condition at a hospital and […]

‘Naoroji: Pioneer of Indian Nationalism’ review: The Grand Old Man who fought against colonial exploitation

From setting up educational institutions for girls in mid-19th century Bombay to expounding the drain of wealth theory about how Britain impoverished her colonies to winning a parliamentary seat in Britain before finally calling for ‘Self Government under British Paramountcy’, the life of Dadabhai Naoroji is any historian’s delight.