Katy Perry to name daughter after late grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson

Following the death of her grandmother in March, a source has told The Naughty but Nice Podcast with Rob Shuter that Perry is planning to honour her late relative with her daughter’s moniker — naming her “Pearl or Hudson or Ann.”

Is Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s Baby Named After a Famous Poet? Fans React to Names Rumi and Sir

“While I was performing ‘Heaven’ at Made in America, I saw a golf cart pull up during the set,” Sir the Baptist recalled to XXL in September about the moment JAY-Z discovered him at last year’s Budweiser Made in America music festival.

Former Texas Rangers Star Josh Hamilton Indicted on Felony Charge, Accused of Assaulting Daughter

“The girl told authorities Hamilton started cursing and yelling after he became upset about something she said and then threw a full water bottle at her, hitting her in the chest,” Steele wrote. “Then he yanked a chair from beneath her feet and threw it at her before he pulled her to the ground, the […]

Midland’s Jess Carson Welcomes Daughter Rosalia Jean

Carson and Camille again looked to their family tree when choosing names for their newborn. “Rosalia was Camille’s great-grandmother who came from Italy on a boat when she was 16 and spoke no English,” the musician explains. “Jean is after my father, whose name is Eugene but everyone calls him ‘Gene.’ ”

Peter Andre’s wife Emily enjoys a well-deserved BBQ with her family as she takes a rare day off from the NHS frontline amid coronavirus pandemic

‘Of course I’m worried that I could potentially bring it home to the kids, but I’m trying to be sensible and washing my hands and changing out of my clothes straight away before having a shower. I’m also not going too near them where possible, but it’s a challenging time.’ 

Amy Winehouse’s Boobs Are Doing ‘Great,’ Says Her Father

Evelyn and Leonard Lauder watched Estelle’s performance at the Angel Ball, along with Howard Stern, Penn Badgley, and Blake Lively, and Bar Refaeli ran away when someone asked her about Leonardo DiCaprio. Then, waiters at the gala’s 1Oak after-party brought out 23 bottles of Cristal for Lindsay Lohan’s 23rd birthday, except that her birthday’s July […]

Arjunan master: A rummage through faint memories

Back in Kochi I started working in a private firm. Some of my friends asked me to compose songs for a play titled ‘Pallikkuttam’. The songs were written by E.M. Kasim, a poet based in Kozhikode. It was followed by another play titled ‘Ennittum Kuttam Pallikku’. In 1960, music composer Devarajan Master was searching for […]

When Did Valentine’s Day First Become A Celebration of Romance?

However much you may loathe the idea of spending the evening sitting in an overpriced restaurant surrounded by couples struggling to keep their attention away from their phones, be glad you are not a citizen of ancient Rome. Lupercalia involved the ritual sacrificing of goats, before their skins were stripped and used to whip the […]

NHS nurse and mum-of-three is stabbed to death in the street near her home

Mr Cowley, who was married to Victoria for seven years, said: ”I tried to text Victoria at about 5.15pm and then my daughter got a phone call on her mobile from a next door neighbour telling her that her mum had been stabbed in the street and had died at the scene.

Profiles of those who died in huge warehouse fire in Oakland

The room started to fill with what they thought was mist from a fog machine and then, within seconds, they realized it was smoke. As fear spread among those in the room, Faelen said he looked over at Draven. His friend’s face was calm, even peaceful — an expression in sharp contrast to the growing […]