C++ is now the fastest-growing programming language, report says

The index ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors. The programme’s hits on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu are used to calculate the ratings.

Developers: Programming language C++ is about to get this huge update

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Programming languages: C++ jumps in popularity as Java falls away

“After 2005 it didn’t hit the 10% [mark] anymore and in 2017 it scored an all-time low of 4.55%. But if compared to last year, C++ is now the fastest growing language of the pack (+1.48%). I think that the new C++20 standard might be one of the main causes for this.”      

Microsoft: VS Code update gets new features with programming language TypeScript 4.0

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Programming languages: Julia touts its speed edge over Python and R

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Microsoft’s TypeScript language: Startup reveals long journey to JavaScript spin-off

There were also technical barriers to be overcome. The migration team, for example, noticed engineers often needed to import special utilities to use TypeScript. So it focused on helping developers, so that they could write TypeScript in any service or component. 

University unveils new program to bolster educational development

Twenty-two experts from the university and alumni members working in the education sector will be responsible for helping make these dreams a reality. Among them are Yuan Zhenguo, professor of the Faculty of Education of the university, and Li Zhicong, headmaster of the No 2 High School of East China Normal University.

China, Egypt sign protocol to teach Chinese language in Egyptian schools

The minister said the Chinese side helps the ministry in many areas such as establishing solar power plants in schools, establishing workshops for technical education, installing electronic screens in secondary schools nationwide, and establishing smart classrooms.

The Minecraft: Education Edition beta program will arrive in schools next month

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From Tonga to Timaru in 1972: Filipo Motulalo’s Tongan language journey

Faith in the power of language and faith in God were central to the Motulalo household. Like many other Tongan families, caught by the Pacific migration wave that washed through New Zealand in the 70s, they had ended up in Newton, a rough and ready inner-city Auckland suburb. The setting may have shocked their mother […]