The good, the bad and the ugly of tomorrow’s dual-screen gaming laptops

  That whole top panel has a glossy finish, too, making it even more distracting than the screen itself. Perhaps HP will improve on this with next year’s model, but for now, this is definitely not the way to do a dual-screen laptop. The Bad: Asus Zenbook UX534That said, I’m not sure my ‘bad’ entry […]

Pokemon Go Players Want More Changes to the Game Thanks to Coronavirus

Lure modules are also proving to be a problem. @PokemonGoApp I was wondering if you guys could make lure modules like incenses since some people in their house don’t have a poke stop right by them to use it. Also at some point in the future can you make players able to access pokestops without […]

Vladimir Putin urges G20 countries to work together to find coronavirus vaccine more quickly and declares unemployment a ‘key risk’ of current crisis as world leaders meet by video conference

It said the current health crisis makes clear that not nearly enough progress has been made by governments in the years since the 2008 financial crisis to expand access to health services, sickness benefits, and unemployment protection. 

Nvidia goes Super with new GeForce RTX GPUs for gaming laptops

Another really cool new feature is Nvidia’s version of AMD SmartShift, which they’re calling Dynamic Boost. Like SmartShift, this is a way to balance the power and performance between the CPU and GPU in a system like a laptop that has a shared thermal solution. When you’re in a game and the CPU isn’t being […]

Th best Apple Watch games

Pocket Bandit ($1) Are you looking to pull off an elite heist while waiting around at the doctor’s office or during your next commute? Pocket Bandit is a game exclusive to the Apple Watch that has you cracking safe combinations as you make your way up the ranks, becoming the next King of Bandits. With […]

Learning to rock climb changed my approach to problem-solving at work

“Play is about having fun, and fun is that state where you drop your awareness of time, and to a certain extent you drop awareness of your surroundings. It’s an active engagement that allows you to let go of certain other elements. It’s altering your senses.” Letting it all fall away except for that central […]

The Asus Zephyrus Duo could be the Wii U of gaming laptops

The really great thing about the Zephyrus Duo, though, is that it’s so thin and light(ish) compared to your typical gaming laptop, measuring 20.9mm thick and weighing 2.4kg. Its plain magnesium-aluminide chassis and anodised finish also means I’m not going to be embarrassed taking it out of my bag in public (if and when we’re […]

Dozens of powerful new gaming laptops just launched. These are the best of them

Under the hood, you’re getting Intel’s 10th-gen Core i9 processor alongside Nvidia’s top of the line RTX 2080 Super mobile graphics. Gamers will also benefit from the 300Hz refresh rate main display if they opt for the FHD model. If you need more pixels, the 15.6-inch 4K UHD configuration comes with support for 100 percent […]

Working 9 to 5! Internet traffic in the UK has almost DOUBLED in three weeks thanks to people working from home and youngsters not going to school during coronavirus lockdown

‘Our engineers have increased network capacity by up to 50 per cent in our markets in recent weeks and continue to make further upgrades across our networks to make sure they are resilient and can absorb new usage patterns.’  

China’s 14th National Games to kick off recruitment for volunteers

Multiple ways of application will be available to the public, including group and individual, online and offline. The application period for the Games-time volunteers will be open from Sept.1 – Oct.1, 2020. The city volunteers’ application will be active from Jan. 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021. But applicants of the social volunteers can only […]