BAZ BAMIGBOYE: Elaine Paige is ready to get ratty

The award-winning star has continued with her popular Radio 2 show Elaine Paige On Sunday; she’s also appearing as Helen, the ‘other woman’ caught up in the marriage of Alison Steadman and Peter Davison in writer Mike Bartlett’s compelling BBC1 drama Life, which also stars Victoria Hamilton, Adrian Lester, Calvin Demba and Melissa Johns. ‘I […]

Best photo editors 2020: 7 options to kickstart your creativity

The big difference between PhotoLab and Optics Pro is that you can now apply powerful localized adjustments to your images. PhotoLab doesn’t have its own cataloging tools, though it does have a basic folder browser, and to get the full benefit of its raw tools, perspective corrections (DxO ViewPoint) and film ‘looks’ (DxO FilmPack) you […]

Roundup: Košice Peace Marathon to go ahead, despite stricter COVID-19 restrictions

Codification of Slovak sign language to help people with hearing lossSlovak sign language was officially codified on September 23, and thus officially acknowledged as a full-fledged language. Plus, the number of interpreters could increase thanks to a new study programme. There are about 25 interpreters of Slovak sign language but around 5,000 people with hearing […]