7 Indian-Americans in Forbes’ list of richest people in US

On the 359th spot is Shriram, 63, who has a net worth of USD 2.3 billion. Forbes said an early Google backer, Shriram has sold off most of his stock but remains on the board of its parent company, Alphabet. Born in India, Shriram studied math at the University of Madras. His portfolio includes online […]

Wealth Report: London, Not New York, Is World’s Greatest City

In purely economic and political terms, New York still has the edge but it is London that boasts the greatest number of resident Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (The UHNWI club has a minimum entry requirement of $30 million), and scores best when the views of the world’s richest are analyzed. Abishek Lodha, the managing […]

World’s 10 richest tech giants shed $44 billion wealth, Jeff Bezos tops list with $9 billion loss

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg lost $4.2 billion, while Microsoft Founder Bill Gates’ wealth lowered by $2.9 billion. Other on the list include Steve Ballmer who lost $4.8 billion, Larry Page lost $3.6 billion, Sergey Brin lost $3.5 billion,  MacKenzie Scott lost $3.2 billion, Larry Ellison lost $2.4 billion, and Jack Ma lost $1.6 billion.

Bottled water company founder is China’s third-richest man after another blockbuster Hong Kong IPO

Fund flows from mainland China were particularly strong. For the first eight months, net flows from China to Hong Kong stocks via the Hong Kong Stock Exchange surged to more than $55 billion, up nearly 190% from a year ago, according to estimates by China Galaxy Securities.

Jeff Bezos tops Forbes’ list of richest Americans for the third year in a row as his wealth soars to $180 BILLION – while Trump’s ranking drops to 352 as pandemic slams his hotels and resorts

His casinos, including The Venetian and The Palazzo on the Las Vegas strip, were shut for nearly three months amid the coronavirus pandemic. While other casinos laid off workers, Adelson vowed to keep paying his employees at least through October. 

Serena Williams is the first athlete on Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women list

Kylie Jenner of Kardashian fame is also on the list. Last July, Forbes raised some impeccably-shaded brows when it named the reality star-turned-beauty-empress, then 21, the “youngest ever self-made billionaire.” Some critics argued the publication was playing fast and loose with the term “self-made,” since Jenner started with a healthy amount of capital, both financial […]

The richest self-made streamers in Vietnam

AS Mobile’s real name is Nguyen Huu Sang (born in 1996 in Vung Tau City). He built his own YouTube channel very early. AS Mobile channel earned only VND2 million between 2014 and 2018. The turning point was made when Free Fire was released in Vietnam. Sang quickly got acquainted with this game and became […]

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tops Forbes richest list for third year in a row

This year Zoom Video Communications CEO Eric Yuan made his debut among 18 newcomers on the Forbes list with a net worth of $11 billion, as more and more people are working from home during the corona-led lockdowns worldwide and practicing of social distancing norms.

World must unite to overcome crisis

This is reflected in the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 16, which sets parameters to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels.” Fulfilling this goal is the best way for us to transcend ideological differences and […]

Life and death on my street in Sarajevo

Eight people were killed at the brewery on 15 January 1993. Footage of the shelling, and of Berin at his parents’ funeral, was broadcast around the world. A retired couple in Kansas saw it on television and vowed they would evacuate the orphaned boy from Sarajevo. They didn’t realise at the time that Berin had a […]