What you need to know about coronavirus on Tuesday, May 26

This is what the city government of Hangzhou in eastern China has envisioned for its more than 10 million residents, inspired by a “health code” system it adopted during the pandemic to profile people based on their risk of infection. It’s among the extraordinary measures that could be here to stay even after the public […]

Minecraft at 10: a decade of building things and changing lives

Minecraft also became a focus of the emerging YouTuber community. The concept of the Let’s Play video, wherein fans filmed themselves playing a game then shared it online, was in its infancy in the early 2010s, and many latched on to Minecraft as the perfect subject matter, thanks to its inherent humour, its funny, blocky […]

Astronauts prepare for landmark SpaceX launch: what you need to know

US is back to crewed missions Since 2011, Nasa has had to rely on the Russian space program to ferry crew for months-long missions aboard the International Space Station (ISS), purchasing seats on ageing Soyuz spaceships for up to $85m apiece. SpaceX changes that.

5 things you can do to prepare for the new future of work

Help others Networking can feel scary. But how about the simple act of volunteering to help people in need? In communities such as Jobcase, at church, temple, local nonprofits, and food pantries—even if those communities gather virtually—you will expand your circles and make a difference. And when you help others, you boost your attitude and […]

New Rams coordinator knows lack of time is no excuse

“The first thing he does with those guys is establish his knowledge,” Donatell said. “Then he connects with people. The great players are looking for somebody with credibility and it doesn’t matter who it is. That won’t be a problem for Brandon.

What Parents Should Know About Coronavirus As Kids Return To Babysitters, Day Cares And Camps

Two studies out of China show that children had much lower rates of infection. For example, one study of 105 confirmed COVID-19 patients and the 392 people they came in contact with in their households found that the infection rate among adults in the households was “dramatically higher” than that of children, with 20.5 percent […]

Cute little dog permanently has tongue sticking out of his mouth – and no one knows why

And while he doesn’t have a major Instagram following yet, as Alexander has been too busy to work on an account, one could be in the works very soon.

Memorial Day 2020: Solemn Ceremonies Across Tri-State Take On New Tone Due To Coronavirus

“We also pay our respects to former crew members who lost their lives due to COVID-19. They will always be in our hearts,” said Stuart Gelband, President of the Intrepid Former Crewmembers Association, who served on board the ship from 1970-72.

Britain’s ‘nationalistic’ view on coronavirus vaccine race could see UK miss out

These fears were echoed by Diarmuid McDonald of campaign group Just Treatment, which last year helped force a pharma firm to drop the price of cystic fibrosis drugs the NHS had said it could not afford.