6 Things Couples Need To Stop Sharing With Their Friends

Are you the one who feels comfortable in sharing your relationship problems and funny moments with your friends? If yes, then you are not the only one who does this. Several couples discuss their relationship issues with their friends and seek their advice. They also disclose their funny moments to their friends in a platonic […]

This Indian life by Shoba Narayan: 27 things to do while in isolation

*Make infused ice. Put some cucumber water in an ice cube, put diluted lemon in another, crush rose petals into the third, add some mint or ginger into the fourth. Buy a lovely brand of gin – maybe Botanist or Greater Than. Buy Fever Tree or Swami tonic water. Sit on your balcony in the […]

‘Focus on the things you can control’: how to cope with radical uncertainty

As the anxiety abates a little, it may even become possible to glimpse the profound truth that, as Marchiano puts it, “a crisis can heighten the opportunity to find meaning, to get clear about what matters most”. What’s your role here? There’s solace to be found in figuring out what this moment demands from you, […]

Keith Ellison and the New ‘Antitrust Caucus’ Want to Know Exactly How Bad Mergers Have Been for the American Public

“We have a data problem,” Keith Ellison says. He’s talking about mergers, like yesterday’s proposed purchase of Aetna by CVS, or this summer’s between Amazon and Whole Foods. “We don’t collect and have enough information that will help do the evaluation as to whether or not a given merger that takes place actually yielded the […]

review: The more things change…

Fans shouldn’t be surprised to hear that this Zelda game asks players to explore eleven temples scattered across a mostly outdoor kingdom (named Hyrule, of course) complete with a “dark world” portion that appears midway through the game (sound familiar?). In LBW’s case, Hyrule starts to suffer once a nasty wizard shows up and starts casting […]

‘We need to remain alive, only then will groceries be needed’

“Weird it is! There was a time when we all wanted time to stay at home with our families and say no to work. But now when we have this break, we all want to go out. This is human nature that whatever is taken away we just want that back irrespective of what all […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Diet That Led to Kelly Clarkson’s 37-Lb. Weight Loss

“Many of the claims regarding lectins and how they affect the body seem to be largely overblown without much human research to support them,” she says. “Soaking and cooking destroys most lectins. and you can also ferment and sprout foods to help reduce lectin presence. (And I don’t know anyone that eats raw quinoa or […]

Not having to pay at this time is the right thing: SMEs on RBI’s Covid-19 moratorium

As the ripples of Covid-19 pandemic are felt across the economy, the Reserve Bank of India on Friday said, “The priority is to undertake strong and purposeful action in order to minimise the adverse macroeconomic impact of the pandemic,” and spelt out a host of measures to deal with the crisis. Significant among it was […]

People are making dough for bread, bagels and pizza from home and you only need two ingredients

If flatbread isn’t your thing, you can always try your hand at making bread in a slowcooker – while the method is a little more involved, it’ll save you from fighting other shoppers for the last loaf.

Linda Lusardi, 61, has been placed on oxygen and ‘needs all the help she can get’ after being hospitalised with COVID-19

‘Thank you so much for your love and support. I honestly don’t know where we’d be without it. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you. This is the best Mother’s Day Gift we could have hoped for. God bless you all. Please stay safe. Xxx’