YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials confirms she and her fiancé were robbed at gunpoint inside their own home in the Netherlands

The burglary comes about seven months after the makeup artist and beauty vlogger came out as transgender after a blackmailer threatened to publicly out her to news outlets

Alec Baldwin splashes around in the ocean blue during beach day with his pregnant wife Hilaria

Ireland Baldwin is a makeup-free beauty as she shows off her… Ireland Baldwin shows off stunning figure in pink one-piece… Hilaria Baldwin flashes her baby bump in a crop top as she… Ireland Baldwin models lime green bikini and dances with…

I nearly died as my body burned itself from the inside out – after mistaking life-threatening disorder for insect bites

Bethan said: “An ICU nurse went on holiday and came back when I recovered and said to my mum that she was amazed I was still here because they all thought I was one that might not go home in the end.

Virus-quieted oceans open window for Shark Week researchers

Their exploration of the Foveaux Strait, which separates New Zealand’s South and Stewart islands, brought them up against what Swartz called one of the “Holy Grail” shark mysteries: why females leave the area when their size indicates they’ve reached sexual maturity.

Sharks’ ‘Sixth Sense’ Explains Their Life Within Active Submarine Volcano

Speaking to Australia’s 9News, Dr. Michael Heithaus, a marine ecologist who took part in the research studying sharks’ attraction to volcanoes, explained that these predatory animals were able to survive in an active crater 18 metres below the surface of Kavachi thanks to a special cluster of powers on their snout, a so-called “Ampullae of […]

Coronation Street fans slam soap and say they’re ‘sick of over the top’ coronavirus references and threaten to turn off

“We will see it reflected in how businesses are run, hand washing and the way people behave but we will still tell dramatic storylines and a dollop of comedy as we don’t want to lose what the show is. Our storytelling is business as usual.”

Bethenny Frankel’s ex Jason Hoppy ‘stalked her for years, sent hundreds of harassing emails, and then threatened to destroy her in confrontation that left her fearing for her life prior to arrest’

‘Indeed, Mr. Hoppy has sent hundreds of escalating texts and emails to Ms. Frankel, her assistants and her boyfriend, demanding that she meet with Mr. Hoppy unnecessarily, stating that ‘I’ll never go away’ and that ‘[y]ou left me no choice but to go to extremes’, claiming that her ‘definition of harassment is comical’ and that […]

Crowds, illegal gear threaten Oregon’s pristine Crate Lake

After the park was closed from March until June because of the virus, visitation has since exploded, with staff calling the surge “like spring break on steroids.” Visitation figures aren’t available for July, but Ackerman said rooms at the Crater Lake Lodge and Mazama Village cabins are booked through the rest of the summer.

Postman ‘dubbed “Jimmy Savile of the office” threatened to get revenge with gun’

“Then he is noted as saying, ‘If it doesn’t get resolved, I’ll take matters into my own hands to get justice. I can go to Liverpool to get a gun easy. And I’ll go to jail for the rest of my life as long as I get justice’.

Fintiri threatens fresh impeachment plot against Ngilari

Fintiri who was sacked as acting governor last week by the court said, “As I happily resume my duties as the Speaker once again after a brief but action-packed stint as the acting Governor of Adamawa State, I thank honourable colleagues for the overwhelming cooperation I enjoyed as your ambassador in the Executive arm”.